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SAP Entitlement Management – Benefits and Key Features

Why is SAP Entitlement Management important for a business? In this world of ever-changing technologies and rapidly growing businesses, it has become important to remain prepared to deal with any complexity that might occur in the way.

Being a business, you cannot be confined to just delivering the product or software to the customers and consider transaction to be completed. Rather, businesses today have entered a new era of selling where new experiences are being introduced to the market and the customers rapidly. Subscriptions, bundling and embedding software/services together along with the products are being provided by the businesses so that the customers get better and attractive deal.

Gone are the days when companies had their focus only on physical products. Today, businesses believe in offering ‘usage rights’, where they do not rely merely on initial sale, but the ongoing relationship with the customer and their satisfaction even after delivering the physical product to them. But, understanding and managing what the customer is entitled to is not an easy task as each of these products can have one or more entitlements that might require the tracking and potential adjustments throughout their life-cycles. And, here is when SAP Entitlement Management comes in picture!

What is SAP Entitlement Management?

SAP Entitlement Management is intended to abridge the entitlement management processes and operations in a way that the requirements of rapidly growing and increasingly complex businesses are streamlined and automated, to deliver better customer experience.

With SAP Entitlement management, you can create innovative and advanced business models and solution bundles to meet the requirements of the all the time more smarter customers. This includes entitlement modeling, managing workflows, integration, life-cycle management, reporting, and monitoring etc. Here’s how SAP Entitlement Management supports intellectual business scenarios:

  • Increases transparency into entitlements
  • Automates processing of a high volume of entitlements
  • Enhances Sales and Revenue
  • Accelerates Innovation
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction
  • Improves Customer Service

Key Features –

Entitlement Modeling – This feature can help businesses in freely defining their new entitlement models and assigning entitlement models to offerings. Not only this, but it also helps in maintaining custom sets of attributes like business categories, rights, distribution channels and geo-location etc.

Integration and Migration Support – Can be integrated with S/4 HANA on-premise order management and can also utilise migration support tools to start the implementation. SAP entitlement management provides you a special set of API services that can be integrated with other SAP or non-SAP systems.

Entitlement Lifecycle management – With the help of entitlement lifecycle management you can define the procedure of events effecting entitlements and maintain statuses on entitlements throughout the lifecycle and define custom alerts. Also, simplifies and provide support to up-sell, renewal, return, upgrade processes and operations.

Realtime Reporting and Analysis – Provides custom reports as per the requirement of the customers, products or entitlements and also helps customers with insights on current, past and nearing expiration entitlements with the help of user-friendly dashboard.

Sales, Support and Self-services – SAP entitlement management automates renewal processes by using co-termination logic and simulates entitlement at quotation level. It also helps in enabling self-service scenarios and custom views for sales support and customers with APIs

Helps with a Central Repository – Assists in enabling up-to-date visibility of entitlements and as defined in modelling and related product assignments. With the help entitlement management by SAP you help your business grow and adjust by utilizing highly scalable central repository provided.

Advantages of using SAP Entitlement Management

An intelligent way to increase sales and revenue

The intelligent entitlement management system allows businesses to grow by boosting sustainable and recurring revenue streams with the support of subscription-based business models.

Innovative and Better Deliveries –

When it comes to deliver better outcomes, SAP entitlement management could be the best choice. This can help teams in enabling teams with faster deployment of latest offers and related entitlements. Further, it can also assist with the tracking process of the performance to inform and repeat as per requirement.

Deliver the most value from entitlements –

Let your customers get most value from the entitlements and provide them transparency of their entitlements. Range of relevant self-services, alerts, and reminders are offered to the customers to maintain the transparency.

How to get Maximum Value and Revenue from SAP Entitlement Management?

As this is deployed in the cloud, it is available as software as a service (SaaS) on the basis of subscription and the number of users. Businesses need a solid entitlement management system because at times the back-office operations might become more complex. It maximise value and revenue by assuring that:

  • Your sales reps and channel partners have clear visions of the entitlements of their customers, so that you never miss any opportunity for renewal, cross or upsell.
  • Your sales teams can deploy proposed bundles faster, and at the same time can track and assess market performance with surety.
  • Your IT and license administrators are equipped with the important tools to deploy, manage and report on any type of entitlement.
  • Your customer service executives are well aware of exactly what the customer is entitled to and provides them the tools so that they can properly assist the customer and engage in any upsell or cross opportunity.
  • Your customers are provided complete transparency into their entitlements, they will also receive entitlement related alerts and reminders, and are restricted from unauthorised usage, that might result in revenue leakage and other such unethical outcomes.

Be it Service, support, or Security and Compliance, SAP entitlement management does it all! If you are looking for an effective and quicker way to transform your business, manage entitlements and deliver best to your customers, look no further and get complete information about this here –

Is SAP Commerce the right platform for me?

Onboarding new clients is a sign of growth but being able to effectively manage a growing clientele is where it can get tricky, enter, SAP’s Commerce platform! Our previous blog ‘Does your e-commerce platform need to be upgraded to SAP Commerce’ covered when businesses should consider changing platforms, now we will focus on why the SAP Hybris Commerce platform is a highly recommended alternative to resolve the problems.

We have broken down how businesses and their customers can benefit from making this investment so you can gauge a better understanding on how the platform can be leveraged to meet versatile business needs.

Flexible, adaptable, stable and efficient – SAP’s Hybris Commerce platform’s flexibility & performance is incomparable to other e-commerce platforms. Not only does the platform provide businesses with a range of tools catered for different operations, but it also works well when integrated with existing systems. As the platform uses cutting edge technology, end users benefit from a great quality of service.

Multi-language opportunities – This platform can be used and presented in multiple languages, currencies and local tax rates, a unique feature that adds to its adaptability for both domestic and international clientele.

Cost effective and multitasking – Most existing platforms have failed to deliver adequate support or framework to accommodate added functions, whereas SAP Hybris Commerce comes with an added feature that helps users implement extensions and add-ons in real-time. Platforms that are not flexible tend to result in higher costs to maintain, as new features have to be brought and implemented by external teams. SAP Commerce provides users with more autonomy and independence, resulting in a reduction in company costs.

Popular choice for B2B and B2C markets – It’s becoming a growing trend for businesses to directly reach out to their end-users, with a strategy to extend sales opportunities to merge B2B and B2C models. Unfortunately, many businesses have not been able to successfully execute this strategy as a result of various limitations in their existing e-commerce platforms. Switching to SAP Hybris Commerce will give businesses an advantage as the platform is built for both B2B and B2C users and can manage end-customers in both markets from a single platform.

Omni- channel functionality – One of the most important features of this highly efficient e-commerce platform includes its omni-channel functionality. This functionality makes it easier for businesses to connect with the significant customers from any location, and utilise new channels and touchpoints for efficient interactions. Channels could be via websites, emails, mobile devices, call centers, etc

Existing SAP Hybris Commerce users opted for this platform to:

  • Enhance business growth
  • Improve customer engagement and interaction
  • Achieve business goals
  • Improve customer service
  • Make business operations more effective
  • Ensure general efficiency, visibility, and reliability


Our experts recommend the SAP Hybris Commerce platform for both growing and established businesses, not only to sustain their positions in highly competitive markets but to also remain a step ahead in terms of technology and opportunities.

Enter the world of ample opportunities to grow your business from all quadrants quickly and effectively by adopting the SAP Commerce Platform.

Have a read through our SAP BRIM AP Sales Cloud, SAP Billing(blogs to familiarize yourself with some of SAP’s other solutions, and as always, get in contact with our team if you have any further questions!

Does your e-commerce platform need to be upgraded to SAP Commerce?

Before choosing the right platform for your business, it is extremely important to recognise and understand symptoms that indicate changes need to be made. We’ve broken this down into four simple signs for you to have a think about.

When should you upgrade?

  1. Consistency  It’s no secret that businesses often use a variety of platforms to support different divisions within the organisation, but in many cases, fail to work in unison. If your current platforms are not working in harmony with one another, changing to an end-to-end platform like SAP Hybris Commerce which covers all stages of a sales process will save businesses time and money.  Conflicting platforms often slow internal operations down, and in most cases can only be resolved by IT divisions, whereas an all-rounder platform will centralise all tools and systems.
  1. Un-happy customers  Customer satisfaction can make or break a business, so keeping them happy should be a top priority. One of the easiest ways of identifying how existing e-commerce platforms are performing is by analysing customer experiences.  The majority of customers (including myself) hate filling out surveys, but a simple ‘were you happy with your experience today’ is a great way to measure satisfaction levels.  If you are receiving negative feedback from unsatisfied customers, your e-commerce platform is most likely unable to keep up with their demands and needs be replaced with a more advanced, adaptable and user-friendly system.
  2. Changing Technologies – When it comes to technology, change is always good. I know what you’re thinking, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’- a common mistake when businesses review their technological platforms.  Changing trends create new demands, and the only way businesses can keep up with them is to use flexible platforms.  Failing to keep up with the latest technology will have a negative impact on end customers and the long-term growth of a business.  You don’t have to be an expert in every single platform there is, but you do need to establish what platform will best suit your business needs, and we have a team of experts who can help you reach that conclusion.
  1. Business Satisfaction  Take a step back and ask yourself, am I happy with how my e-commerce platform is performing and is it helping me achieve our targets? If you are spending too much time updating systems, waiting for the IT division to resolve any glitches or any of the above-mentioned points, it’s time to switch to an advanced platform such as SAP Hybris Commerce.

If you can relate to any of these issues, or recently had a conversation with someone who was complaining about their systems crashing, we need to talk! Many of the companies we have helped transition did not even realise their systems were outdated until they had a think about what they were really getting out of their existing e-commerce platform. We want to ensure our clients and their customers are getting the best from their platforms and would love to hear from you if you think your e-commerce platform is due for an upgrade.

Keep an eye out for our next blog which will be focusing on the SAP Hybris Commerce platform, and how businesses can benefit from adopting it.

All you need to know about ‘SAP BRIM’/ ‘SAP Hybris Billing’ and the Transformation using BRIM

Introduction to SAP BRIM

SAP BRIM (Billing and Revenue Innovation Management) is a high-volume usage-based solution that simplifies complex billing and invoicing processes. Industries like energy, telecom, utilities, etc. are already utilizing SAP billing services to ease their billing process. But, its usage is s rapidly increasing in other similar areas too.

What is SAP BRIM? Let’s talk about a few real-life examples to understand this better. We all use credit cards, and we know that credit cards come with a predefined credit limit. Have you ever thought about what helps them know that you have exceeded the credit limit? Well, the answer is BRIM Solution by SAP. Similar is the case when your operators know that you’ve already consumed the 1 GB data from your broadband quota. SAP based BRIM solution helps the company with the entire process and simplify the billing operations. Billing and Revenue Innovation Management or BRIM is basically an end-to-end cross-industry solution that is a combination of SAP Sales Order and Management, SAP Convergent Charging, SAP Convergent Invoicing, and SAP Customer Financial Management.

Transform your business with SAP BRIM

BRIM, with further innovations, has been transformed and given a new name as ‘Hybris Billing’. SAP  BRIM can speed up the billing process and also increases the transparency across the complete revenue management process. The process also includes customer engagement and revenue recognition.

SAP Hybris billing is an innovation that gives businesses the power to coordinate and work in a more profitable way with their partners/customers. It eases the entire process of selling and re-selling products and services. This also helps in sharing revenue in the most appropriate way. SAP Billing allows you to simulate the latest pricing models and thus help you to create targeted offers both for products and services. SAP Hybris Billing also has the advantage of having proper control over distribution and fulfillment across the complete billing cycle. This means focusing on customer retention and innovation is more simplified now.

The Transformation of SAP BRIM / SAP Hybris Billing

SAP focuses on giving its BRIM customer, an incorporated customer experience under the SAP C4C/CEC umbrella. CEC here means Customer engagement and commerce, and the products that come under this umbrella include Hybris Commerce Suite/Hybris Marketing & C4C.

SAP Hybris Billing aims at using ADT (Audience discovery and targeting) that is provided by Hybris Marketing

SAP is intended to provide an easy yet much more efficient user interface to existing/new BRIM Customers. It is also focusing on bringing BRIM to be on the HANA platform.

What are the Advantages of using BRIM Solution to simplify your billing procedure?

Here are a few practical use cases to make the concept of billing automation using BRIM clear:

Practical Use Case 1 –

Get Unified Customer Experience with BRIM

When a customer goes to a phone store to buy a phone and data plan and due to some reason, the purchase couldn’t be completed at the store. Now, the customer goes home, opens the website of the store (on which the user was already registered, as the account was created when the customer was in store), logs in, finds the order that was left incomplete in the store, and finishes the order placement with the same offers. SAP Hybris Billing / SAP BRIM has made this possible.

Practical Use Case 2 –

Find, Reach, and Target Right Audience with BRIM

A customer purchases a high-end smartphone online with his account. A few days later, when the customer logs in to his account on the internet, he/she sees an advertisement offering some discount on the compatible accessory of the recent high-end phone that he/she purchased from the same account.

SAP Hybris billing eases and automates the entire billing and ordering processes from the cloud. It does that by combining various billing streams to produce a bill of a single invoice.

Transformation of SAP BRIM to SAP Hybris Billing

In today’s competitive world, customers demand products/solutions which are readily available and can be tailored to their specific business needs. Fast-growing industries like retail, telecommunication, logistics, utility, media, hospitality, manufacturing, and digital media need business systems that support their multi-fold growth and eliminate challenges like:

  • Managing a growing customer base consisting of high volumes of transactions
  • Handling diverse credit rating classes to minimize outstanding debt
  • Ability to handle multiple payments with business process workflows
  • Comply with complex national and international regulations

This is where SAP BRIM (Billing and Revenue Innovation Management) solution comes into the picture to manage the entire consume-to-cash business processes which include rating and charging of services (Convergent Charging) to creating invoices of services delivered (Convergent Invoicing) and handling payment collections (Customer Financials Management). In a recent event, SAP announced the transformation of its popular SAP BRIM (Billing and Revenue Innovation Management) to SAP Hybris Billing to elevate the traditional solution suite. SAP Hybris Billing brings in agility, more speed, flexibility with below features: A unified customer experience under the SAP C4C/CEC umbrella. CEC stands for Customer engagement and commerce and the products under this umbrella are Hybris Commerce Suite/Hybris Marketing & C4C Leveraging ADT (Audience discovery and targeting) provided by Hybris Marketing for BRIM customers

SAP Hybris Billing integrates with the following products:

  1. SAP CRM
  2. SAP C4C – Cloud for Customer
  3. SAP Hybris Marketing
  4. SAP Hybris Commerce
  5. SAP Convergent Charging
  6. SAP ERP (FICA) – Convergent Invoicing

Below is our customer success story where we successfully helped to implement Hybris for our retail end client serving more than 1 million customers.

Business Need:

  • Enhance customer/user experience
  • Improve speed to market
  • Improve cash flow
  • Improve operational efficiency

Technical Challenges:

  • The customer was already using ECC, and required an upgrade
  • Integrating both SQL Server & Oracle
  • Business process & data anomalies
  • Data normalization & reporting from multiple systems

Why SAP Hybris?

  • Can easily integrate with the ECC / S/4HANA infrastructure
  • Supports high volume transactions
  • Many out-of-the-box functionalities which meet the business requirement
  • Flexible, easy to configure the system

SAP Hybris Difference:

Acuiti Labs has been delivering business technology solutions & digital transformation since 2015. We solve business challenges using technology, build tech platforms and enable market-winning digital strategies with a clear focus on value realisation and monetisation. The development and execution of strategies are delivered by a group of experts, who are experienced at big four and other consulting firms, using a combination of Open Source technologies, SAP solutions and other enterprise applications. For more information about our SAP Hybris Billing Services,


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