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07 Apr, 2021 | By Akanksha

All that you need to know about SAP CPQ and its importance for businesses today

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It is software designed to ease the complexities of the sales team by enabling it to generate quotes quickly and accurately for complex products.

08 mar, 2021 | By Saili

Digital transformation programs across ‘Consume / Lead to Cash’ using advanced SAP Solutions for 2021

SAP innovations/solutions have made a significant change in the way businesses operate, helping run them more efficiently and smoothly.

DEBT managment - 11 dec
07 Jan, 2021 | By Akanksha

Why Debt Management is so pertinent for Businesses today?

Do you know with continuing economic slowdown and increasing unemployment, household incomes have been squeezed making it difficult for companies to manage debt...

Debt Management Solution
23 Nov, 2020 | By Akanksha

Looking for a Debt management Solution? How SAP is the right choice?

‘Bad Debt’ is term used by the organisations when the user or customers does not or cannot pay their bills. It is difficult to ignore the fact that with current economic slowdown and rising unemployment...

Intelligent Video Analytics
29 Oct, 2020 | By Saili

Intelligent Video Analytics for Smart Cities

We all can agree to the statement that “from last few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has demonstrated greatest value for the security industry In fact, the video security systems ...

Media Conversion
30 Sep, 2020 | By Akanksha

Looking for a media conversion platform? 5 reasons you should try out converter4media today

Any media file converted from one form to another is known as media conversion. Pictures, audios, videos, music, images are the common form of media and many a times users prefer changing...

SAP BRIM for Dunning and Collection Management
25 Sep, 2020 | By Akanksha

BRIM Dispute, Dunning and Collection Management. Role of Acuiti Labs

SAP BRIM, also commonly known SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management is nothing but a high-volume usage-based solution that’s sole purpose is to ease complex billing an invoicing process...

Artificial Intelligence Future
11 Nov, 2019 | By Akanksha

Artificial Intelligence Future – How’s AI going to change the world in coming...

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is one of the most rapidly growing technologies today and “it is going to change the world more than anything in the history...”

SAP Subscription Billing
09 Jan, 2020 | By Akanksha

Top 5 reasons why 2020 is the year for SAP subscription billing-based...

A lot of industries across the world are extending their business models by adding subscription options to their offerings.

Mobility as a Service
27 July, 2020 | By Akanksha

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) – How is it changing the future of Transportation?

Time is not so far when customer-centric options like self-driving cars, carpooling, people opting for greener options and choosing public transport, etc. will take over, and owning a car will be rare...

SAP BRIM in Transforming Tolling Business
02 July, 2020 | By Akanksha

Role of SAP Billing / SAP BRIM in Transforming Tolling Business

Tolling is generally an amount, or a fee paid to access any road, bridge, or tunnel and the revenue generated by this is utilized for maintenance, construction, and/or other such operations...

SAP Subscription billing
29 Feb, 2020 | By Akanksha

Maximise Business Benefits with SAP Subscription Billing and Revenue Management

The word subscription is not a new term when it comes to ease the business flow and offer your customers an option of recurring payment for any service or product could be taken with right combination...

SAP Innovations
23 Jan, 2020 | By Akanksha

Best SAP Innovations Witnessed by various industries in 2019, What has 2020 got for you?

SAP is the new age technology and calling it as one of the most intelligent, yet simplified technology of the last decade couldn’t be wrong! From digitally...

Artificial Intelligence
17 Jan, 2020 | By Akanksha

Most Exciting Artificial Intelligence Trends to watch out in 2020.

Just like 2019, 2020 is going to be a yet another big year for Artificial Intelligence. Though AI is amongst the least predictive industries and we cannot commit anything...

Cloud Connected Security Camera
22 Nov, 2019 | By Akanksha

Cloud Connected Security Camera ‘CAPTARE’ – Best investment...

When it is about safeguarding your home or other similar premises, security camera is the first thing that strike our minds.

SAP BRIM Accelerator - AcuitiPay
13 Nov, 2019 | By Akanksha

SAP Billing (BRIM) Accelerator: AcuitiPay Modern simplified Billing...

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovations Management (SAP BRIM or aka Hybris Billing) has undoubtedly brought a revolutionary change in traditional billing method.

IoT Solutions
24 Dec, 2019 | By Saili

Top 7 industries impacted by IoT Solutions

IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, used for collecting and sharing data.

03 Dec, 2019 | By Akanksha

All that you need to learn about SAP S/4HANA and its deployment options.

SAP S/4HANA is SAP’s next-generation business suite which is specially designed to run on SAP HANA. S/4HANA was launched in February 2015

Digital Transformation
07 Oct, 2019 | By Akanksha

Why is digital transformation so important for business growth?

To fully appreciate digital transformation and why is it important for your business today, you need to understand how it is influencing & transforming...

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software
03 Jan, 2020 | By Akanksha

Business Benefits of using Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Contract activity is an essential business aspect that requires proper management during the complete cycle. SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

SAP CPQ integrated with SAP CLM
29 Jan, 2020 | By Akanksha

SAP CPQ integration with SAP CLM: Why this is a better idea for your business?

SAP CPQ is one of the best sales configuration systems that any business can use to ease the complexity of selling solutions that feature multifaced combinations...

06 Sep, 2019 | By Akanksha

SAP Entitlement Management – Benefits and Key Features

In this world of ever-changing technologies and rapidly growing businesses, it has become important to remain prepared to deal with any complexity that might occur...

Media and Entertainment Industry
26 June, 2020 | By Akanksha

Transformation of Media and Entertainment Industry with SAP BRIM

Media and entertainment industry have evolved rapidly over the past few years and have become early adopters of technology. The evolution of the industry has led to more subscription-based economy...

SAP Commerce Cloud
04 June, 2019 | By Manoj

Is SAP Commerce the right platform for me?

Onboarding new clients is a sign of growth but being able to effectively manage a growing clientele is where it can get tricky, enter, SAP’s Commerce platform!...

SAP Hybris Commerce
21 May, 2019 | By Manoj

Does your e-commerce platform need to be upgraded to SAP Commerce?

Technology is powerful, but without having the knowledge and expertise on how it can be leveraged to meet business needs, technology can be powerless.

sales performance management
26 Feb, 2020 | By Akanksha

Looking for a comprehensive Sales Performance Management System? How can SAP Commissions help?

SAP Commissions is a simple yet very effective way to improve and align sales performance management according to your Business goals. Already chosen by many successful businesses...

Mobile World Congress
15 March, 2019 | By Akanksha

Acuiti Labs at Mobile World Congress (MWC) – Experiences and Insights

Acuiti Labs recently participated in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which took place from Monday 25th to Thursday 28th February, in the events center...

06 Dec, 2018 | By Manoj

All you need to know about ‘SAP BRIM’/ ‘SAP Hybris Billing’...

SAP BRIM, also known as SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management, is basically a high-volume usage-based solution that is mainly designed...

19 Sep, 2019 | By Akanksha

9 Aspects through which ‘Quote to Cash’ can turn the business game...

If you think about the most important business processes today, ‘Quote-to-Cash’ is certainly at the top because it is through the quote to cash process.

SAP Marketing Cloud
18 Feb, 2020 | By Akanksha

Data Protection Regulations – How SAP Marketing Cloud can help Marketers?

In the era of ubiquitous computing where even your home appliances can contact the service centers and open a maintenance request on your behalf, data of all sorts...

Transformation of SAP BRIM
06 Dec, 2018 | By Manoj

Transformation of SAP BRIM to SAP Hybris Billing

In today’s competitive world, customers demand products/solutions which are readily available and can be tailored to their specific business needs...