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Optimising the Quote-to-Cash process

Acuiti Labs is a specialized consulting firm headquartered in London, UK, focused on delivering business value to organizations through a direct impact on companies’ top and bottom lines by leveraging technology to transform the Quote-to-Cash process. Shifting from semi-manual billing environments to a fully automated billing process is a task easier said than done.

At Acuiti Labs, we possess a deep understanding of the billing and invoicing challenges faced by businesses across various industries. In the Quote-to-Cash transformation space, we have identified multiple levers to deliver business value, simplifying, innovating, and transforming your business.

Transforming Business Models for a Subscription Economy


How it works

Customizable BRIM Products by Acuiti Labs

Take your business to the next level with our customizable SAP BRIM-based products and accelerators, designed to help you accelerate growth and streamline your billing and revenue management processes.

Our Products Available on SAP Store

Acuiti Labs has also developed multiple complementary solutions to address gaps in technology solutions for subscription businesses and has multiple products on the SAP App Store.

AcuitiMobi | SAP BRIM Accelerator

Offering your customers a modern and innovative way to get an effortless travel experience. 

AcuitiPay | SAP BRIM Accelerator

World’s first end-to-end dedicated commerce, billing, subscription, & data management program.

Acuiti Subscription Manager | SAP BRIM Accelerator

An omnichannel app that enables a self-service option and manages subscriptions for your customers.

Delivering Business Transformation

SAP Consulting Services

We advise businesses on how they can leverage SAP solutions to transform business processes in the areas of billing, subscription, and usage-based operational models. We then work with them to deploy, upgrade, and maintain their chosen solutions.

Expect the world from us

Choosing Acuiti Labs as your Consulting Partner has Significant Benefits

Our primary objective is to serve the best interests of our clients and provide them with the foundation for a lifelong relationship based on trust and integrity.

Specialist knowledge of the business and technology expertise second to none.

Our focus always remains the best outcome for our clients and to develop a long-term trusted relationship.

We always demostrate exceptional standards of professionalism and ability to think outside the box to delivery solutions.

Key Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective

Be the leading consulting firm globally for High Volume Billing, Subscription Management, and Usage-based Billing Operating Models


We will operate globally but have a strong physical presence in Europe, North America, Japan, and India


Technology Objectives

Maintain the best competency centre in our chosen SAP Technologies (SAP BRIM and aligned areas) but also have a strong capability in Digital to complement our focus area


People are our most important assets and it must be evident at all times. Be fun and innovative place to work

Worried about Managing Customers' Experience?

SAP BRIM is an advanced and powerful billing solution offered by Acuiti Labs that is used in managing subscriptions and other recurring revenue sources. It is mainly useful in managing high-volume billing environments that require flexible product configuration and a faster time-to-market.

Our SAP BRIM solution can help you in the management of business model design, contract and order management, billing, and invoice processing. It also manages receivables and payables and provides support for financial customer care. SAP Billing by Acuiti Labs provides invoicing software to automate your invoicing process.


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