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Acuiti Labs, a UK-based professional services firm delivering digital transformation programmes across ‘Consume / Lead to Cash’ using advanced SAP & Digital Route technologies both on cloud and on-prem.

They have exceptional expertise in SAP Billing (BRIM), Subscription Cloud, CPQ, Entitlement Management & Mediation to automate the most challenging billing requirements across sectors such as Telco, Media, Travel, Logistics, Ports, Hi-tech, Connected Cars & Mobility as a Service.

Acuiti Labs is a proud SAP partner, deploying cloud based solutions, Analytics cloud, Leonardo & Multimedia technologies to support our end to end Billing expertise.

Why Acuiti Labs?

Creative thinking, unique capabilities and high-performance teams, sets us apart in the SAP Consulting space, delivering successful solutions. As an SAP implementation, service and upgrade partner, Acuiti Labs delivers exceptional experiences that exceeds client’s expectations.

Digital Transformation

Follow a value driven consulting practice based around our clients KPI’s and business goals.


Operate globally with a European market focus, UK & Ireland being our home markets.


Strong industry knowledge and experience in solving business challenges with technology solutions.            


Sales processes optimisation from ‘Lead to Cash’, leveraging SAP solutions coupled with Analytics, AI, ML, IoT and Multimedia.

We are customer's favorite

“Over the last 12 or 18 months or so, I have to say that Acuiti Labs has delivered on every single thing they promised. I have been very satisfied with the level of service and the degree of expertise that the Acuiti team has provided. So, in terms of competence, expertise no problems whatsoever, in terms of cost it was substantially cheap than others. We chose them based on their ability to deliver and the cost effectiveness. Their flexibilities, they have port in people the necessary skills in and out as been required. These guys have been brilliant… they have been very good!!!

SAP Programme Director

SAP Consulting

We advise businesses on how they can leverage SAP solutions to deliver their business requirements. We then work with them to deploy, upgrade and maintain their chosen solutions.

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