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about Acuiti Labs

Sales and Billing Transformation

A specialist SAP consulting firm headquartered in London, UK, servicing clients globally for ‘Consume to Cash’ process transformation and optimisation. As an SAP Silver Partner, Acuiti Labs has been delivering business technology solutions & digital transformation deploying SAP BRIM (Billing) on S/4HANA and cloud-based applications such as Subscription Billing, CPQ & Entitlement Management.

Acuiti Labs have the experience of multiple industry use cases to support the subscription and consumption-based Target Operating Models such as:

  • Mobility as a Service (Travel using Public Transport and Private Vehicles)
  • Tourism as a Service (Hotels, Entertainment Parks)
  • Ports as a Service (Airports and Seaports)
  • Postal as a Service
  • Telco as a Service
  • Software as a Service

Acuiti Labs emphases on value realisation and monetisation of digital assets and strategies, delivering end-to-end services for the clients. Customer relationship being at the centre of all our endeavours.

Transforming Business Model for Subscription Economy.

How it works


Acuiti BRIM Accelerators

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our teams have build industry accelerators for billing using SAP BRIM based technologies. We have multiple IPR based Industry solutions and accelerators to significantly improve the ‘time to market’ and ‘value realisation’. Acuiti accelerators are built in the Cloud, and leverage Machine Learning, AI and SAP BRIM.

AcuitiMobi - Mobility as a Service app

Offering your customers with a Modern and Innovative way for effortless travel experience. Explore more

AcuitiPay - A BRIM Accelerator for Connected Cars

World’s first end-to-end dedicated commerce, billing, subscription and data management platform for connected cars. Explore more

Delivering Business Transformation

SAP Consulting Services

We advise businesses on how they can leverage SAP solutions to deliver their business transformation in the space of Billing, Subscription and usage based operation models. We then work with them to deploy, upgrade and maintain their chosen solutions.

Expect the world from us

Choosing Acuiti Labs as your Consulting Partner has Significant Benefits

Our primary objective is to serve in the best interest of our client, and provide them the foundation for a lifelong relationship based on trust and integrity

Specialist knowledge of the business and technology expertise second to none.

Our focus always remains the best outcome for our clients and to develop a long-term trusted relationship.

We always demostrate exceptional standards of professionalism and ability to think outside the box to delivery solutions.

Emerging Technologies

Digital Services

We use emerging technologies and open source eco system to delivery cutting edge solutions to support our customers digital transformation solutions.

Video Analytics

Transcoding and Streaming

ML and Artificial Intelligence

Embedded Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

Video Analytics

Over the past few years, the evolution of Video Analytics has changed the nature of retail, construction, security and media industries to name only a few, and our Video Analytics services use cutting-edge AI technologies to provide real-time analysis of video content across these industries.


Transcoding and Streaming

Our streaming experts and transcoding services ensure that thousands of hours of content around the globe is delivered in perfect quality to support modern content-enabled businesses. Transcoding process involve decoding and re-encoding video data into desired format. Live Streaming and on demand streaming became more popular due to online audience demand.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning (ML) uses algorithms to allow systems to automatically learn and improve from experience, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) permits computer systems to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, both leading the way in smart digitization. Our ML and AI solutions are built around these technologies, and our team is experienced in applying both technologies within a range of industries.


Embedded Solutions

Acuiti Labs develop next-generation embedded software and systems engineering solutions to help businesses gain a competitive edge. Embedded software acts as instructions that permanently reside in a ROM or flash memory chip, and is immediately available to the CPU, or can be directly transferred to RAM for faster execution.


Internet of Things (IoT)

The team at Acuiti Labs can define the most suitable IoT landscape for businesses who want to jumpstart their IoT journeys. After understanding your business needs, we can customise IoT solutions to address the issues while accelerating the time to market with low-risk and lock -in features.


Key Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective

Be the leading consulting firm globally for High Volume Billing, Subscription Management and Usage based Billing Operating Models


We will operate globally but have strong physical presence in Europe, North America, Japan and India


Technology Objectives

Maintain the best competency centre in our chosen SAP Technologies (SAP BRIM and aligned areas) but also have a strong capability in Digital to complement our focus area


People are our most important assets and it must be evident at all times. Be a fun and innovative place to work

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