BRIM Accelerators to transform business OTC process

What is an Accelerator?

It is a preconfigured and developed end to end process flow for a specific industry use case. They allow quick enablement of the SAP BRIM environment for the industry. They reduce the time to market for a solution implementation and improves the design quality significantly.

  • These are preconfigured use cases for specific Industries.
  • They enable the base use case and data model for those industries
  • Enables the client’s environment immediately
  • Thus, accelerating the design and implementation of the solution for that industry.
  • Base level WRICEF (Workflow, Reports, Interfaces, Configurations, Enhancements & Forms)

Explore our business-ready SAP BRIM solutions to boost business growth

Q2C CustomerPortal

Self Service Billing Portal

We have already entered an era of subscriptions and understand how deeply it influences the life of individuals in today’s time. A lot of businesses have already opted for the subscription- based billing model and leveraging it benefits. But offering a service with recurring billing option requires a business required continues attention as it deals with recurring transactions, huge volume of customer data, multiple changes and updates and thus increased customer interaction.


MaaS for Public Transport

This mobility-as-a-service accelerator by Acuiti Labs offers smart interface for hassle-free travelling experience for public transport users. Acuiti Labs’ AcuitiMobi app is a MaaS based application which is also a dedicated BRIM Accelerator. It provides a platform for public transportation companies to offer its users with the freedom of choosing subscription-based billing model and make the complete process hassle-free.


App for Connected Vehicles

SAP BRIM or SAP Billing is a new age technology to simplify the billing procedure for businesses that deal with complex and high-volume billing and invoicing. The benefits of SAP Billing solution are not limited to just simplifying the process but it also helps in making the entire billing process more transparent, flexible, agile and highly efficient. It also allows for very effective revenue management processes.


Accelerator for Sea Ports - Containers

Acuiti Labs provides an end-to-end, dedicated billing and invoicing Accelerator for Sea Ports. This BRIM Accelerator – AcuitiPort is designed by Acuiti Labs with a view to simplify billing, invoicing and revenue management complexities, commonly faced by various port companies. This BRIM accelerator for seaports allows easy integration with any existing ERP and Terminal Operating System for various operations like event rating, charging, billing, invoicing, and revenue management.


Accelerator for Airports

Acuiti Labs’ specially customised BRIM accelerator, AcuitiAirport is the best solution to transform and simplify Billing and invoicing operations at Airport. With Acuiti’s agile SAP based BRIM accelerator, boost Aeronautical billing and Non-Auronotical Billing for Airports. Looking at the rising need of digitalization at places like airports, Acuiti Labs has incorporated special functionalities in this all-in-one BRIM Accelerator that helps in resolving the operational and functional billing challenges that are commonly faced by Airports.


Accelerator for Postal and Parcels Business

Postal Service organization have diversified into a broad range of new service areas. This also requires a system that can make the workflow streamlined and simplify the complete procedure for a company. BRIM Accelerator for Postal and Parcel Service provides a unique way to digitalize and transform the billing operations for a postal company.

Media as a Service

Accelerators for Media and OTT Networks

AcuitiMedia is a dedicated BRIM Accelerator, exclusively developed by Acuiti Labs for Media and OTT Networks. This can help media industries in simplifying billing complexities and delivering up to the mark experience to the customers. SAP’s BRIM Accelerator, AcuitiMedia provides the end-user with a highly scalable and high-performance SAP CX Integrated solution that comes with a 360° view of customer records and accelerates collection processes and improve customer service. 



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