AcuitiAirport - Automating Airport Billing

When we talk about globalization, airports have been a key player. From providing a consistent base to several businesses, Airports have been a great source to abridge the entire business cycle since the beginning. Simplifying Airport operations by digitalizing the process has become the primary requirement of various airports around the world today.

Airports have already started leveraging the latest technologies and are opting for digital solutions that can help them deal with problems like revenue leakage, managing real-time pricing requirements, deal with partner revenue sharing, dispute management/collection management issues, handling a large volume of data, simplifying, and streamlining billing requirement.


Transform and Digitalize Airport Operations with this Agile BRIM Accelerator

Switch to SAP based BRIM solution and boost Aeronautical Billing and Non-Aeronautical Billing  for Airports with Acuiti’s specially customized BRIM accelerator “AcuitiAirport”. It is dedicatedly designed to provide flexibility for subscription and usage-based service monetization and is packed with all the necessary features that can help you with the entire subscription selling, monetization, billing, and self-care solution.

Functionality used in AcuitiAirport BRIM accelerators is to primarily automate and thus simplifying the complete billing and invoicing process for Airports. Looking at the rising need of digitalization at places like airports, Acuiti Labs has incorporated special functionalities in this all-in-one accelerator that helps in resolving the operational and functional challenges.

Acuiti Labs’ trained and professional team of experts comes with wide experience of multiple industry use cases of providing support to the subscription and consumption-based Target Operating Models. We have helped in resolving several industry specific challenges using various accelerators we offer, including AcuitiPay for drivers/private car owners, AcuitiMobi to resolve public transport challenges, AcuitiPort – designed to simplify billing, invoicing, and revenue management complexities for port companies and so on.

Benefits of Choosing AcuitiAirport

Here are some major benefits of Using SAP BRIM Based AcuitiAirport that Airports can leverage 

Introduce new products and Service Offerings to your customers.

Allow your customers to pay only for the services they have used i.e., bill them for only what they have consumed.

Prevent revenue leakage with increased efficiency using SAP BRIM solution

Monetize partner network

SAP BRIM helps in managing massive volumes for B2B and B2C thus simplifying the complete business process.

Target Customer segment of one

Providing support to the customers anytime, anywhere through free mobile app (device-agnostic) and with offline capabilities.

Get predictive insight into customer needs and a complete 360-degree view of your customer.

Automated work distribution, email-integration, and deals management

Intelligent, Omnichannel ticketing capabilities and enhanced productivity tools for service agents.


Delivers High-Performance Usage-based Operations, and Mediation

SAP BRIM, Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute

Accelerate time
to market

Offer Transparent Invoicing

SAP BRIM, Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute

  • Manage high-volume, multi source transactional data for billing fraud and business intelligence.
  • Filter, transform, correlate, route
  • Operates in real time with bi-directional interfaces or in batch.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop GUI for configuration.
  • Vast library of standard interfaces and protocols

Accelerate Time to Market

  • Business user design subscription pricing usage-pricing and bundling through configuration not code.
  • Allocate fees and credits to multiple financial accounts like prepaid, postpaid hybrid.
  • Innovate your offers with credit quota, and entitlement pooling across multiple enterprise employees, seats or devices
  • Interlink partner revenue share terms

Offer Transparent Invoicing with SAP BRIM

If we believe the fact, fewer customer complaints when organizations expand billing and invoicing capabilities and work towards meeting the customer requirements.

Ensure Prompt Payment –

  • Use the bill to engage with customers.
  • Provide informative summaries and details.
  • Converge existing systems onto a single bill.

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Enable Great Experiences

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Simplify the Front Office

Expand self-service offerings with SAP BRIM! Get the ability to manage contract changes thus allowing customers to have complete control over their transactions. It is a single seamless solution that manages all end customer interactions and communications.


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