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Advanced Entitlement Management Solution

This SAP platform is built to meet the needs of rapidly growing and complex businesses by automating the process of entitlement management, which supports software, service, and hardware. The process includes modelling, lifecycle management, workflow, integration, reporting, and monitoring. SAP Entitlement Management offers businesses with a high degree of flexibility, agility, and enhances the user experience. Business models and strategies are changing to meet new consumer demands, and this innovate solution can empower businesses to plan, forecast, and manage all changes with ease. The platform can also help businesses to deploy new market offerings, followed by built-in tools to track their performance. Choose Acuiti Labs and simplify the entire entitlement management process and deliver a better customer experience.

Increase Sales and revenue

With SAP Entitlement Management Services by Acuiti Labs

Deliver better and innovate results to your customers – while you choose SAP entitlement management for your business, you are allowing your team to be more vigilant, so they are rapidly deploying new offers & related entitlements and also keeping a track of performance to make required changes.

An intelligent platform to Increase sales and revenue for your business – SAP provides an automated and Intelligent entitlement management system that provides support for subscription-based business models and also boosts maintainable and recurring revenue streams for your business.

Provide your customers with the benefit of getting the most value from entitlements – Using SAP Entitlement for your business gives your customers a better and transparent view of their entitlements with a range of relevant self-services, alerts, and reminders

Manage High-volume Entitlements with

Automated Entitlement Management Solutions

Entitlement Management solutions by Acuiti Labs helps businesses in automating the manual tasks that are not only time consuming but also possess higher risk of having human error. This automated solution eliminates all kind of human error by triggering and provisioning entitlements to software applications from single, easy to operate platform.

Choose Acuiti Labs’ Entitlement Management solutions to meet the customer’s increasing demands by simplifying the process of creating and utilizing innovative business models and solutions bundles. Get the ease of streamlining and automating the entitlement processes and dynamic approval management to support intelligent business scenario and deliver best to your customers. A few more advantages of opting this all-in-one, flexible and automated platform includes multitenant cloud deployment, even more transparency when it comes to entitlements, creating business models and bundles for your customers, and completely automatic processing while managing high volume of entitlements.

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Key Features


Entitlement Modelling

Allows businesses to designate entitlement models freely and help maintains business categories, rights, distribution channels, units and, geolocations.


Lifecycle Management of Entitlement

Support all up-sell, renewal, return and upgrade procedures alongside maintaining the status of entitlements throughout lifecycles.


A Central Repository

Central entitlement repository ensures up-to-date visibility of entitlements and other related assignments. It offers a scalable repository and customises the businesses based on changes in requirements and enables you to access all previous and current audits.


Generation rules for Entitlement

Entitlement generation mainly uses a predefined standard set of rules to initiate or confirm the default system behaviour. Once this has been achieved, the system proceeds with updating and creating the entitlement.


Integration and Migration Support

Platform allows integration with S/4 HANA on-premise order management and connects a various set of API services for integration with other systems.


Reporting and Analytics

Generates customised reports per the customer’s custom based criteria, and provides reports on current, past and expiring entitlements.

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