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Technology is changing at a faster pace and so are the customer demands. Sales transformation is the need of an hour and can help your business in not only acting as a catalyst between your customers and you, but also allows to offer a personalized experience to your buyers. In this dynamic business environment, billing software are helping companies deliver customized products and services to its customers and this can be quickly commercialized. Businesses are creating new products with customized pricing models and have been already understanding its importance. They offer services and secure rapidly moving business opportunities for (possibly) many clients.


What is SAP BRIM?

SAP BRIM or SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management is an advanced and flexible billing solution by SAP. This billing solution is designed primarily for high-volume consumption industries that mostly manages and deals with large volumes of customer data. A lot of businesses have already moved to SAP BRIM and leveraging its immense benefits by streamlining the complex billing and invoicing process and are offering their customers the best experience. It enables both flexible consumption models and usage-based billing models and is being already used by various industries like telecommunications, travel, postal, financial services, utilities, media and entertainment, logistics and public transport etc.

When businesses choose billing and invoicing software like SAP BRIM, it becomes a lot easier for them to address and implement the requirements of the customers and handle large data volumes efficiently and effectively. It allows businesses to simplify the entire process of buying and selling, billing and invoicing, and revenue sharing in the most effective and reliable way.

SAP BRIM is an automated billing software from SAP that allows businesses in designing and customizing their pricing models and creating targeted products and services in a way that perfectly meets the end-user requirements. This billing system also comes with the possibility of real-time pricing

BRIM Functionalities for usage-based billing

The billing software, BRIM effectively maps usage-based or recurring pricing modules for personalized offers and the possibility of real-time pricing. In earlier times, it was easy for businesses to launch any new product or service and manage revenues efficiently. But now things have changed drastically, and businesses are no more the same. Now, customers can buy, share, rent, and lease almost everything and anywhere just the way they want. Gone are the days when businesses use to focus on selling the products, in today’s time businesses are more focused on offering the services. In other words, subscription or usage-based billing services are what customers are looking for.

Acuiti Labs is an SAP Partner for Build, Sell, Service and Innovation and we can be a perfect partner for your business.

Our extremely versatile solution – SAP BRIM that can help businesses operating for variou industries like telecommunication, retail, energy, logistics, media and entertainment, insurance and much more. We design out-of-the-box solutions with BRIM that are tailor-made to satisfy your individual requirements and we provide SAP support to you at every step of the way from the first consultation until the final implementation. Speaking of consultation, we’re looking forward to your inquiry.

Key Benefits

Smart automation of billing, invoicing, and accounting processes

Helps businesses in reducing operating costs by providing a consolidated billing system

Enhances customer satisfaction by proving a single invoice after the billing process. This invoice comprises everything like costs, services, and physical goods in it

It significantly reduces time-to-market of subscription-based products based and usage-based services, or physical goods that are bundled with services

Flexible handling of revenue-sharing models and reduction in revenue leakages

Automates high volume data processing efficiently reducing manual efforts and time-consumption

BRIM system is more transparent, agile, and reliable. Offers complete traceability for the entire billing procedure – right from usage events to billing and invoicing

Supports various business models like pay-as-you-go, prepaid and post-paid depending on your business requirement

SAP BRIM Features

1. SAP BRIM bills single invoices by consolidating multiple billing streams

2. SAP BRIM allows revenue sharing and partner settlement agreements

3. SAP BRIM provides billing and invoicing for different types of charges such as one time, recurring and usage-based charges

4. SAP BRIM support complex discounting

5. SAP BRIM supports full revenue management processes

SAP BRIM Components

SAP BRIM consists of the following core components but also offers peripheral solutions which can be implemented as required to enhance the core BRIM solution.

SAP SOM (Subscription Order Management)

Subscription Order Management or SOM is an integral part of the end-to-end SAP BRIM solution when it comes to the latest versions of S4/HANA. Primarily based on SAP CRM, it is designed in a way that it works as an additional function in the solution. Before this advancement, SAP CRM worked as a catalyst that helped companies in building connections with their customers and helped them in choosing the appropriate service or product they are looking for.

When any business starts with SAP BRIM, SAP CRM and SOM are the initial points that help in managing the product catalogue, order creation, and distribution and also for contract lifecycle management. Once the contracts and orders are generated in Subscription Order Management (SOM), they are copied to SAP FI-CA and SAP Convergent Charging for further processing like rating, charging, billing, invoicing, etc.

SAP CC (Convergent Charging)

When you use automated billing - SAP BRIM Solution, SAP CC (Convergent Charging) is the core rating engine that is specifically created to deliver pricing flexibility when charging customers. SAP Convergent Charging is also responsible to determine what kind of charges are there. For example - recurring, one-time, subscription-based, and usage-based charges. Charging and rating are the two main processes in an offer-to-cash scenario where SAP CC comes into the picture. Charging helps in determining those customer accounts that are paying for the service consumption, while the Rating process is intended to calculate what it costs to use a particular service.

SAP CI (Convergent Invoicing)

SAP CI helps in making the entire automated billing and invoicing process even more flexible. The initial step of the process is accepting the input from rating or billing software systems. The number of accepting input can be one or even more. The inputs are being stored in the system on the basis of their status and merges into one invoice for the customer and only one outstanding receivable. Convergent Invoicing combines multiple billing produces in a single, simplified invoice as an end result. Once the charged and rated items come to SAP CI, they are collected as billable items which are then followed by a process of creating billable item aggregation, bills, and invoices.

SAP FI-CA (Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable)

SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable also known as SAP FI-CA is the last core component of SAP BRIM posts financial documents. It is responsible for receiving or making payments; it manages disputes, credits, and collections. It is the financial backend that accommodates the requirements of an industry. There are various functionalities that FI-CA includes like taxation, tax calculations, and country-specific processes, such as accounting principles, payment processing, collection management, partner settlement, etc.

SAP CM (Convergent Mediation)

Convergent Mediation is not really the core component of SAP BRIM, but it is an SAP partner product that is developed by a different company called DigitalRoute. Convergent Mediation is pre-integrated with SAP BRIM and it can be deployed quickly. SAP Convergent

Mediation facilitates an identical methodology to data mediation. As such, the software collects data from multiple sources, including a wide range of data sources and network technologies. The data is then filtered, converted, and consolidated into required formats to be used by other SAP BRIM components. The solution provides a single platform for all mediation activity. This reduces the number of multiple integration points required to manage data, reduces IT infrastructure costs, and it increases flexibility and efficiency in data processing and innovation support.

what we offer

SAP BRIM Based Application Management Services

We are extremely proud of our team with vast industry knowledge and experience providing complete assurance of utilizing your SAP Landscape in the best and optimized manner. Our SAP BRIM Based Administration Services include: 

  • Monitoring and maintenance of your SAP technologies

  • Storage space monitoring and Expansion as required 

  • User management 

  • Managing safety and security of Apps

  • Upgrade and Migration to SAP S/4 HANA 

Why Acuiti Labs

SAP BRIM is an advanced and powerful billing solution offered by Acuiti Labs that is used in managing subscriptions and other recurring revenue sources. It is mainly useful in managing high-volume billing environments that require flexible product configuration and a faster time-to-market. Our SAP BRIM solution can help you in the management of business model design, it performs contract and order management, billing, and invoice processing. It manages receivables and payables and provides support for financial customer care. SAP Billing by Acuiti Labs provides you with invoicing software to automate your invoicing process.


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