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Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and so are customer demands. Sales transformation is the need of the hour and can help your business not only act as a catalyst between you and your customers but also provide personalized experiences for your buyers. In this dynamic business environment, billing software is helping companies deliver customized products and services to their customers with faster commercialization. Businesses are creating new products with customized pricing models, recognizing their importance. These businesses offer services to secure rapidly moving business opportunities for potentially many clients.


BRIM Functionalities for usage-based billing

The billing software, BRIM effectively maps usage-based or recurring pricing modules for personalized offers and the possibility of real-time pricing. In earlier times, it was easy for businesses to launch any new product or service and manage revenues efficiently. But now things have changed drastically, and businesses are no more the same. Now, customers can buy, share, rent, and lease almost everything and anywhere just the way they want. Gone are the days when businesses use to focus on selling the products, in today’s time businesses are more focused on offering the services. In other words, subscription or usage-based billing services are what customers are looking for.

Some of the key benefits offered by SAP BRIM are:

Smart automation of billing, invoicing, and accounting processes. Helps businesses in reducing operating costs by providing a consolidated billing system.

Enhances customer satisfaction by proving a single invoice after the billing process. This invoice comprises everything like costs, services, and physical goods in it.

BRIM system is more transparent, agile, and reliable. Offers complete traceability for the entire billing procedure – right from usage events to billing and invoicing

Flexible handling of revenue-sharing models and reduction in revenue leakages. Automates high volume data processing efficiently reducing manual efforts and time-consumption.

It significantly reduces time-to-market of subscription-based products based and usage-based services, or physical goods that are bundled with services

Supports various business models like pay-as-you-go, prepaid and post-paid depending on your business requirement

Our offerings in brim

BRIM Accelerators

Deal with the toughest business challenges with SAP’s powerful capabilities packed in single-solution. That’s what Acuiti Labs’ SAP-based customized BRIM accelerators are!








Acuiti Subscription Manager

Q2C CustomerPortal

We have already entered an era of subscriptions and understand how deeply it influences the life of individuals in today’s time. A lot of businesses have already opted for the subscription- based billing model and leveraging it benefits. But offering a service with recurring billing option requires a business required continues attention as it deals with recurring transactions, huge volume of customer data, multiple changes and updates and thus increased customer interaction.

How it works

AcuitiMobi (MaaS)

Mobility as a Service also referred to as MaaS is a customer-centric platform provided by Acuiti Labs for individuals to use as a mode of transportation. This is an on-demand, real-time platform which includes different combination of transport methods like a car and bike sharing, taxis, and car rentals/leases, and offers its customers everything that is essential for an effortless traveling experience. Right from the user’s travel plan to payments, all this is included in MaaS.

How it works



We have developed a solution for end-to-end billing, payment, and customer relationship management platform for connected vehicles. Capable of working with partners from the automotive, telecom, and insurance industries (among others). AcuitiPay brings together all the services that drivers need into one easy-to-use platform – from parking to roadside recovery.

How it works


A Billing and Revenue Management accelerator for Sea Ports, that allows easy integration with any existing ERP and Terminal Operating System for event rating, charging, billing, invoicing and revenue management. The solution supports a quick starter for Wharfage, Dockage, Pilotage, Bunkerage, Vessel Discharge, and In-Out processes.

AcuitiMedia - SAP BRIM Accelerator


An integrated solution that will allow product and services subscription, activation provisioning controls and integration. Pay per use with pre-pay and post-pay options will also be included, and the solution will enhance all the services on one easy-to-use platform for Media houses.


Our Billing and Revenue Management accelerator for Airport specific aeronautical billing allows for easy integration with any existing ERP, and Airport Operating System for contract management, event rating, charging, billing, invoicing, and revenue management. The solution supports a quick start for parking, landing charges, passenger charges, etc.

How it works

Postal services


A BRIM accelerator to attain high performance in postal transformation.
This is a digital era, and the world is embracing digital technology at a faster rate than ever. The number of users (both senders and recipients) that prefer dealing and interacting with the postal service directly through digital channels has significantly increased over the last decade and the graph is not going down anytime soon.

Customer benefits of using BRIM Accelerator

When a business chooses Acuiti Labs' BRIM Accelerator, what does it gets?

Prompt installation of the accelerator in their development and or sandbox environment immediately at the start of the project.

  • Contracting, Master Agreements
  • Charge Plans and pricing models
  • Invoicing groups and invoicing process
  • Automated invoice correction – configurations and workflows
  • Enabled Fiori Apps
  • Collections Management processes
  • Dispute Management processes
  • Forms and Outputs
  • Enabled Reports based on standard.

Worried about managing customers' experience?

SAP BRIM is an advanced and powerful billing solution offered by Acuiti Labs that is used in managing subscriptions and other recurring revenue sources. It is mainly useful in managing high-volume billing environments that require flexible product configuration and a faster time-to-market.

Our SAP BRIM Implementation services can help you in the management of business model design, it performs contract and order management, billing, and invoice processing. It manages receivables and payables and provides support for financial customer care. SAP Billing by Acuiti Labs provides you with invoicing software to automate your invoicing process.


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