Smart Interface for Hassle-free Travelling Experience

We have already entered the era of self-driving cars, carpooling, advanced public transport facilities, user’s willingness to choose green and clean options, etc. Travelling preferences in the coming time are going to change drastically taking the graph of people using public transport high. This is what the future of transportation certainly looks like. The use of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform can enhance your public transport experience and makes this concept even more clear and certain.

A dedicated

MaaS App by Acuiti Labs

World today is witnessing the biggest digital evolution than ever! The rapidly changing digital economy is also changing the way how customers use to buy and engaged in similar service earlier. Subscription-based billing model has bought in several benefits for for the customers and has opened a lot of options for them thus making the complete process hassle-free.

‘Acuiti Mobi’ is a mobility as a service application by Acuiti Labs for individuals (who frequently use public transport) to use as a mode of transportation. This is an on-demand, real-time platform which includes different combination of transport methods like a car and bike sharing, taxis, and car rentals/leases, trains, buses, and offers its customers everything that is essential for an effortless traveling experience. Right from the user’s travel plan to easy payments, all this is included in MaaS.

Key Features

Accelerator of MaaS with mobile app and SAP backend for charging, rating, billing, invoicing and revenue management.

IoS and Android App – can be extended for touch cards

Payment integration to PSP, wallets with postpay and prepay capability

Account management for individual users, families, groups, corporates, special privileges

Mediation technology to integrate new current technologies or existing legacy infrastructure

Rating and Charging capability with high level of flexibility to enable absolutely any logical model

Entitlement Management to ensure that users focus on efficient travel and smooth travel experience

Platform for onboarding different operators from travel companies to affiliate services

Revenue management for complete billing, invoicing, collections, dispute management and revenue share

Analytics dashboard for operational and strategic needs, what-if scenarios and predictive analytics.

what we offer

Mobility as a Service and SAP BRIM

Get the freedom of choosing subscription-based billing model and make the complete process hassle-free. The combination of MaaS and SAP BRIM at Acuiti Labs opens several options for its customers.

Acuiti Labs is an SAP Certified Silver Partner to offer accelerated implementation services for SAP BRIM, Subscription Billing, Entitlement management, and more. Our experience and competency in ‘mobility as a service’ market can help businesses that are looking for transformation and adoption of a new way of mobility by providing clear view and a complete road map to move ahead in the same direction.

Effortless and smart route planning

Maas offers real-time route planning for the users. it helps them in planning their journeys which might require using multiple transport methods based on the route they choose, with the help of smart suggestions drawn from their particular preferences.

Personalisation for best user-experience

MaaS is known for being offered as a completely personalized service. This creates a unique bonding between the users and the transport service provider. With the help of big data, it provides two-way communication and frequent customer feedback because of which MaaS systems have become the greatest customer-focused transportation platform of today.

Easy payment choices

There are various different methods through which the MaaS users can pay for transportation which includes phones, smartwatches, and bank cards, flexibly before or after their journey, or also on a subscription basis.


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