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Intelligent Simplified Sales with SAP CPQ

SAP CPQ, with the help of pricing-behaviour intelligence, can help companies forecast pricing trends while providing improved customer experience journeys. The platform can also be seamlessly integrated with any CRM and ERP platforms, making it versatile and scalable to meet business needs.

Acuiti Labs is an SAP Certified Silver Service Partner with wide experience in implementing SAP CPQ software and aligning the entire sales process for your business. With the help of experienced and certified SAP consultants, we provide fully customizable Costing, pricing ang quoting solutions based on your business requirement.  Don’t miss your opportunity to improve sales cycle productivity, achieve better margins, and facilitate greater collaboration with workflows within your organization. Choose the SAP CPQ program by Acuiti Labs to digitally transform your business! Get the quotation today.


Key Features


Increase Sales Efficiency

Sales reps can sell through multiple channels and generate proposal reports at a faster rate, allowing them to provide customers with appropriate pricing plans more efficiently.


Operational Effectiveness

Simplifies approval procedures, reduces the length of sales cycles and optimises overall business performance.


Standard Integrations

Integrates seamlessly with your CRM, back end ERPs and with Variant Product Configuration. Allows, customer and material replication.

Pricing and Quoting Solution for Your Sales Team

Switch to SAP CPQ Solution by Acuiti Labs to easily resolve major business problems like

Over Discounting

This solution simplifies quoting processes with guided selling and provides sales reps with appropriate pricing guidelines to win deals whilst avoiding the temptation to drop their prices. This will ultimately solve the over-discounting problem and will lead to business profitability and growth.                                                                                                                                                                             

Slow Quotation Process

In today’s fast-changing world, a smart way to distinguish yourself from the competition is to be quick and responsive to your customers. With slow quotation processes, you might end up losing deals. Having a single automated SAP CPQ platform increases accuracy, speed, and efficiency in generating quotes.

Platform Segmentation

The use of multiple tools can make quoting and configuring of products a bit complex. The complexity can lead to inefficient, inflexible, and inaccurate analytics. In this case the SAP CPQ platform provides optimised sales processes by handling discounts and promotions automatically.                                                                                                 

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Range of CPQ Integration Platform

Acuiti Labs has been successfully delivering best of breed SAP Solutions to our global client base for many years. Our innovative and high-tech solutions can simplify the complete integration process of SAP CPQ with SAP Contract Lifecycle Management

CPQ benefits

Choose SAP CPQ services for your business if -

Your company is looking for better opportunities and innovative ways to increase sales competence – Allow your sales team to be more diligent and efficient and sell through various channels faster. Generate accurate proposals, get rid of order errors, and provide your customers with customized and channel specific costings.

Your business is looking for effective ways to increase operation efficiency – CPQ solutions for your business allows your sales reps to establish intelligent, integrated sales processes which helps them in to generate quotes easily and quickly, simplify the approval process, reduce the overall time spend in each sales cycle and as a lot of activities are automated, your reps’ primary focus remains on sales.

You are willing to improve your business from all dimension – Using Configure Price Quote (CPQ) can improve business insights, help you to work smarter than your competitors, maximize sales opportunities, increase cross and up-selling, and offer optimized pricing models  while keeping your margins protected.

Use Cases

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We’re looking forward to meeting you.