Postal services
Postal services

Tailored to simplify and monetize postal operations

A BRIM accelerator to attain high performance in postal billing system

This is a digital era, and the world is embracing digital technology at a faster rate than ever. The number of users (both senders and recipients) that prefer dealing and interacting with the postal service directly through digital channels, especially for tasks like managing invoices and payments, has significantly increased over the last decade and the graph is not going down anytime soon.

Several postal businesses from around the world have already started to digitalize their operations and have increased their investment in digital postal services, particularly in advanced billing systems. This clearly indicates the evolution of the postal industry and momentous growth of the digital postal service landscape in all directions, including billing and financial management.

It has become prominent for postal businesses to prioritize digitalizing their operations, become highly performant to stay ahead of the competition, work on reducing revenue leakages, introduce new offers and strategies to increase revenues, and above all build the business around the customer.

Leverage the best of BRIM and digital technology to

Monetize your postal operations and enhance customer experience with AcuitiPostal

Built on BRIM technology, AcuitiPostal is a product Acuiti Labs has dedicatedly designed for postal businesses and a one-stop solution for achieving operational excellence, launching new services, and engaging with customers like never before.

It allows you to deal with disruptions that the postal industry is currently facing. Some disruptions in the Postal Industries are:

disruptions in the Postal Industries
Billing System for Postal Services
SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management to

Monetize your postal operations and enhance customer experience with AcuitiPostal.

Stay ahead in the game when it comes to today’s digital services marketplace with AcuitiPostal –

  • Capitalize on evolving market opportunities by instantly changing client prices and partner revenue sharing models.
  • Introduce customer-focused subscription offers that set you apart from your competitors.
  • Increase efficiency to integrate the quote-to-cash process and offer low TCO (total cost of ownership).
  • Increase visibility from customer management to revenue recognition.
How can we help?

Renovate & Automate Your Business Processes with AcuitiPostal

Renovate & Automate Your Business Processes

BRIM Capabilities

Introduce new products and Service Offerings to your customers.

Reduces underbilling by measuring and adapting to the way customers use your services.

Keep your business at the forefront of competition by offering attractive price offers to customers faster.

Manage usage rights, permissions, privileges, accesses, and authorizations granted to a customer for software, services, or products

Automate subscription management, one-time, and usage-based scenarios

Improve cash flow and customer service by simplifying invoicing with SAP S/4HANA.

Enable business model transformation through a flexible invoicing process for results-based services.

Ensure quick and consistent business communications by streamlining digital document management.

Manage receivables, payments, and reporting of high volumes of financial transactions with SAP S/4HANA

Tailor credit decisions and collection management processes to customer profiles with SAP S/4HANA

Why Acuiti Labs?

Leave it to us! BRIM does it for the entire engagement cycle of your customer by-

Delivering a streamlined customer experience for all digital touchpoints

Turning your customer support channels and teams into the primary driver of customer satisfaction

Increasing loyalty, sales force productivity, and closing more deals through a better understanding of your customers’ behaviour 


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