Acuiti Key Characteristics

Key Characteristics

At Acuiti we have five Key Characteristics that will distinguish our business practices. These key characteristics of work are features or qualities that will make us function effectively. In our judgment such characteristics are required to match our capabilities to the software business requirements.



We shall commit ourselves to deliver the quality we promise to maximize customer satisfaction and even exceed customer expectations by maintaining standards that meet international requirements. We shall pursue the path of continuous improvement to achieve excellence in quality.

Timely Delivery

We shall accept tasks in a time frame in which performance can be measured, recognized and rewarded. We shall commit ourselves to hand over deliverables on time as per the agreed specifications.

Cost Effectiveness

We shall internalize the sensitivity to cost, as it is the lifeblood of business. We shall simplify the process of understanding our productivity to enable employees to relate expenses, costs, profits, and growth of Acuiti Labs.


We shall train, develop, and empower our employees to acquire ability and authority to appropriately respond to diverse work situations. We shall create systems to motivate employees to acquire job mastery and professional growth.


We shall work in an environment of trust, openness and togetherness maintaining distinction between individuals and issues. We shall adopt team working as a management style to achieve common objectives and we shall enjoy working well together.

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