SAP Subscription Billing

Leverage SAP to Optimize Your Subscription Business

SAP Subscription Billing is a public cloud solution that provides companies, regardless of size, the ability to propose innovative, subscription-based services and promptly meet evolving business needs.

SAP Subscription Billing solution simplifies the generation and understanding of recurring and usage-based billing and customer relations data. Its scalability, ease of use and integration capabilities with other SAP and non-SAP solutions makes it a top choice for those adopting a subscription business model.

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Key Benefits


Maximise customer lifetime value

Subscription billing software enhances customer satisfaction, and retention, and increases efficiency by automating recurring billing processes, simplifying billing, and reducing disputes.


Adaptable Business Models

Design your business models flexibly with suitable combinations of subscriptions, one-time fees, usage-based charges, and complex pricing.


Grow revenues at a rapid pace

Offer varied product and service bundles using different pricing and billing options. More opportunities of upselling to customers.


Create flexible rate plans for subscription-based products, including recurring, one-time, and pay-per-use fees.

Define minimum contract terms and offer freemium or trial subscriptions.

Manage the entire subscription lifecycle, from renewals and upgrades to extensions and cancellations.

Support real-time changes by customers, ensuring immediate updates in billing when they add, modify, remove, or switch products.

Choose from a range of pricing models, such as fixed amount, block price, tiered or volume price, and percentage-based price.

Provide multiple payment options, including in-advance, in-arrears, installment, and buy now, pay later.

Create personalized bundles by combining physical products, online services, project hours, and subscriptions into a single offering.

Gain a comprehensive view of customer activities, interactions, and contract histories, enabling detailed insights for customer management.


Transitioning businesses to a subscription-based model isn’t a stroll in the park. Before you decide to embrace a subscription model or solution for your entire business operations, consider taking a test drive with a pilot run.

Experience Our Solution Risk-Free:
Try Before You BUY

At Acuiti Labs, we prioritize the satisfaction and confidence of our clients. That’s why we offer the opportunity to experience our solution before making any financial commitments. Through our hands-on trial, you can explore the functionalities and benefits of our offering, ensuring that it aligns with your specific business needs and provides the value you seek before making an investment.

We’re offering the opportunity to experience the power of SAP Subscription Billing public cloud solution with our complimentary Proof of Concept (POC) program.

SAP Subscription Billing POC Program

What’s included in the POC:

Custom POC Development

We’ll create a tailored POC that highlights our solution’s potential benefits and functionality.

Smooth Implementation

Our experts will seamlessly implement standard features based on your business needs.

Complimentary Services

We offer our services free of cost, including POC development, implementation, and activation.

2-Week POC Delivery

Get a fully functioning POC within two weeks, enabling informed decision-making about SAP Subscription Billing.

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