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SAP Billing Revenue and Innovations Management for
Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry is witnessing the biggest digital revolution than ever and has already been transformed by constant digitalization taking place today. Interestingly, it has adapted itself well as in to improve customer experience and meet their growing demands. To attain company goals and to achieve certain milestones, you need to keep technology at the heart of whatever you are doing. This is the need of an hour and can help you in creating compelling content and reaching out to new audiences.

We at Acuiti Labs understand that to stay ahead in the race, you need to keep your customers happy and satisfied. Acuiti Media is a dedicated BRIM accelerator, exclusively developed by Acuiti Labs for Media Industry. Simplify billing complexities and deliver up to the mark experience for your customers with Acuiti Mobi

Acuiti Media – SAP BRIM Accelerator for Media and Entertainment Industries

Acuiti Media is an integrated solution that allows product and services subscription, activation provisioning controls and integration for media specific businesses. To simplify the process, it includes pay per use with pre-pay and post-pay options. While any media business chooses Acuiti Media, they can easily enhance all the services on this unique and one easy-to-use platform.

It enhances business growth and helps media companies in improving customer relationships, offers customized solutions works to meet all the customer requirements. This can help you in accelerating implementation time, reducing risks, reducing manual processes, enhancing sales activities, improved customer interactions and furthermore, get you ready for your digital journey with the help of unique SAP BRIM based solutions.

SAP’s BRIM Accelerator, Acuiti Media provides the end-user with a highly scalable and high-performance SAP CX Integrated solution that comes with a 360° view of customer records and accelerates collection processes and improve customer service.

Key Features

  • Shared Revenue – Flexible revenue sharing options for your customer! We offer solution that are customer-centric and also comes with subscription, and usage-based pricing models for revenue sharing.
  • Agile Pricing – Allows you to automatically get adapted to market changes. Align your pricing strategy with your business goals by setting up predefined rules with our agile pricing model.
  • Subscription and Usage based-billing – Offer the ease and flexibility of subscription-based services and usage-based billing services with our unique and customizable plans specifically designed for media industry.
  • Loyalty Rewards & Complex Contracts – This helps in retaining your valued customers and keeping them engaged with uniquely designed loyalty rewards and complex contracts programs as per the requirement.
  • High-Volume Financial Revenue Management – Get transparent, highly automated, flexible, and scalable solution for high-volume financial revenue management requirements. Simplifies the overall billing, invoicing and revenue management process.
  • Financial Customer care – Easily streamline analyzing and optimizing financial processes with FCC. Get complete financial customer care support including managing receivables and payables, royalties, and commissions etc.

Top Solution Benefits

95% Reduction in time-to-market for new pricing and service offers, decreasing from 6-8 months to 1-2 weeks.

25% Reduction in customer support calls with simplified, transparent invoicing

27% Lower DSO when accounts receivable tracks short payments and alerts staff of recurring issues or those outside a given tolerance.

99% Reduction in Revenue Leakage – Reduction in revenue loss due to limited billing and CRM solution and no end-to-end automated solution 74% Decrease in operational costs – of billing and collections as a percentage of revenue with optimized collections and dispute handling

Top Solution Benefits

Our simplified Process

Order-to-Cash SAP BRIM process for simplified billing and invoicing for media industries.

1. Defining Services, products, and Bundles – This process involve product relationships such as cross and up-sell, bundling of any services & products, configuration of rating rules and reuse of rate plans to multiple products

2. Contract Creation and Management – Contract creation is the second step of this flow. This includes order decomposition and status and contract lifecycle management.

3. Mediation and Rating – Next comes mediation and rating that supports in managing high volume, real time data. Metering & balance management, splitting of transaction debits and/or credits are carried in this step.

4.Billing and Invoicing – Simplified process of billing and invoicing that provides the users with accurate and summarized details without any loss of data. Here you also get Billing and Payment Statement support and Reverse-and-rerate process support

5. Accounts receivable – This step mainly involves receivables Management, Dunning & Collections, Payment Handling, Line-item Dispute Management and Credit Management

High-level business architecture

High transaction and/or customer volume w/ consolidated billings and AR
High-level business architecture

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management

End-to-end recurring revenue management for the digital age

Rapid Design

We can help you in the process of rapidly designing the services-based business model which also supports prepaid and postpaid business models. Rapid design of service-based business model is simple, comes with flexible pricing options and bundling designs and has multi-sided business model integration.


Holistic Management

We offer end-to-end management for recurring and usage-based revenue. This includes automated payment handling from any channel, credit risk evaluation and effective collection, personalized support for customer invoice inquiries, and complete support for partner revenue sharing agreements.

Customer Focused

Get customer focused settlement and service at scale that automates payment handling from any channel. Master agreements support for enterprise B2B Billing, Customer care with single view on contracts, entitlements, and allowances.

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