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Our SAP BRIM (SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management) solution minimizes the billing and invoicing complexities for businesses dealing with high-volume data. We provide an easy yet much more efficient user Interface for existing/new BRIM Customers.

With Acuiti Labs’ Billing transformation team, you can harness the power of SAP BRIM solution and enable recurring billing and revenue management for the digital economy, thus optimizing your core billing systems. Acuiti Labs can help you in monetizing subscription/recurring and usage-based business models with agility, scalability and increased transparency. Enhance your business’s revenue management and recurring billing capabilities with SAP BRIM Solutions we offer.


Grow your business with SAP BRIM

SAP Billing BRIM solution has traditionally been favoured by industries who largely rely on usage and subscription billing, such as Telecom, Media and High Tech. However, more and more industries are leveraging the versatility of this solution, such as Auto, Retail, Transport, Manufacturing, and many more. BRIM’s end-to-end order to cash management uses a combination of SAP Sales Order and Management, SAP Convergent Charging and Invoicing and SAP Customer Financial Management.

Simplify the entire billing and ordering processes from the cloud. This is done by combining various billing streams to produce a bill of a single invoice.

Choose Acuiti Labs’ SAP BRIM solution today, and remove any billing complexities your business might be facing right now. 

Our offerings in brim

BRIM Accelerators

Deal with the toughest business challenges with SAP’s powerful capabilities packed in single-solution. That’s what Acuiti Labs’ SAP based customized BRIM accelerators are!






Acuiti Mobi (MaaS)

Mobility as a Service also referred to as MaaS is a customer-centric platform provided by Acuiti Labs for individuals to use as a mode of transportation. This is an on-demand, real-time platform which includes different combination of transport methods like a car and bike sharing, taxis, and car rentals/leases, and offers its customers everything that is essential for an effortless traveling experience. Right from the user’s travel plan to payments, all this is included in MaaS.

How it works


Acuiti Pay

We have developed a solution for end-to-end billing, payment, and customer relationship management platform for connected vehicles. Capable of working with partners from the automotive, telecom, and insurance industries (among others). AcuitiPay brings together all the services that drivers need into one easy-to-use platform – from parking to roadside recovery.

How it works

Acuiti Port

A Billing and Revenue Management accelerator for Sea Ports, that allows easy integration with any existing ERP and Terminal Operating System for event rating, charging, billing, invoicing and revenue management. The solution supports a quick starter for Wharfage, Dockage, Pilotage, Bunkerage, Vessel Discharge, and In-Out processes.


Acuiti Media

An integrated solution that will allow product and services subscription, activation provisioning controls and integration. Pay per use with pre-pay and post-pay options will also be included, and the solution will enhance all the services on one easy-to-use platform for Media houses.

Acuiti Airports

Our Billing and Revenue Management accelerator for Airport specific aeronautical billing allows for easy integration with any existing ERP, and Airport Operating System for contract management, event rating, charging, billing, invoicing, and revenue management. The solution supports a quick start for parking, landing charges, passenger charges, etc.

SAP Billing

Key Features


Subscription Order Management

Design subscription offerings for customers in order to register for new packages and services. Customised offers for end customers to maximise revenues and secure loyalty.


Billing Mediation and Service Control

Convergent mediation provides accurate measuring services that can be used and customised by customers, reducing cases of under-billing. Improved customer experience from real-time measurements and greater control over the service provided to individual users.


Pricing and Charging

Rapidly design and change customer pricing and offers with flexible pricing models, that support both pre-paid and post-transaction services. Handled by SAP convergent charging, the core rating engine for SAP Billing Solution.

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