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BRIM Accelerator for Port Billing

In Maritime sector, there have been many aspects of digital disruption and transformations that are modernizing its IT infrastructure, making them more efficient, collaborative, and sustainable. As we look to the future, we have to understand the growing demand of ports and the shipping sector. The rising need of port operators and increasingly larger container-ships also requires better overall management of various factors including enhancing digital capabilities, automation of billing and invoicing platforms, better project structuring and reporting, minimizing revenue leakages, and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

An end-to-end

Billing and Invoicing Solution for Ports

Acuiti Port is a dedicated BRIM accelerator designed by Acuiti Labs with a view to simplify port billing, invoicing and revenue management at port complexities, commonly faced by various port companies. This BRIM accelerator for sea ports allows easy integration with any existing ERP and Terminal Operating System for various operations like event rating, charging, billing, invoicing and revenue management.

We have the experience of multiple industry use cases to support the subscription and consumption-based Target Operating Models and SAP BRIM services for ports in one of it.

Acuiti Labs emphasizes on value realization and monetization of digital assets and strategies, delivering end-to-end services for the clients that are looking for billing services for ports. Customer relationship is at the center of all our endeavors.

Key Features

Eliminates the risk of revenue leakages and offer 360° visibility and transparency to your customers

Provides right data model (vessel, liner, importer, exporter, agency, and contract and services)

Automated Processes – helps in automating the entire billing, invoicing and revenue management process

Offers Single, end-to-end, robust billing solution for all lines of business across geographies

Simplifies and standardizes real-time integration with NAVIS, project structures and profitability, tax Compliance and Reporting

Reduction in revenue loss/leakage through elimination of manual efforts and consequent errors

Improved customer satisfaction from accurate billing and fewer disputes and complete transparency

Billing solution real-time integration with TOS avoiding any manual intervention and visibility of accruals

what we offer

Quote-to-cash: SAP BRIM Solution Enables

Streamlined Billing with BRIM

Allows transaction based billing. The SAP BRIM (mediation) provides capability to easily integrate with external systems so that consumption/usage records can be taken in automated manner for billing. Provides capability to bundling of services/products for joint offering and orchestration capability for downstream actions to enable multiple services.

We help you in leveraging Standard S/4 HANA capabilities such as – Standard Revenue Management, Cost Allocations, company etc. capabilities to enable revenue recognition. And, SAP Digital capabilities such as – Conversational AI, Machine Learning and analytics.

Positive Business Impact

This robust and unique billing solution is all that you need to create a positive business impact. Special features like single billing solution for all lines of business across geographies, real time integration with TOS which helps in avoiding any manual interventions, and significant reduction in revenue losses and revenue leakages by eliminating manual efforts and consequent errors.

Improve overall customer satisfaction, minimize disputes and offer complete transparency with accurate billing solutions by SAP BRIM.

Resolving Issues

Acuiti Labs billing solutions can readily resolve challenges like non-standard business processes across line of businesses, resolves difficulties that are faced during the integration with external systems to collect consumption data of the services delivered at any terminal, Accurately calculates manual pre-billing and service data with the help of Excel macro and uploads to SAP.

While choosing BRIM services from Acuiti Labs, you don’t have to worry about revenue recognition and accounting for complex environments and accounting methodology involving – Multiple legal entities Multi country / currency, Inter company postings, Taxation management

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