SAP Revenue Recognition Offers

A robust platform to deal with revenue issues

SAP Revenue Recognition comes with built-in features such as real time reporting and dual guidance which allows businesses to identify and mitigate risks, minimising the need for manual inputs and streamlines complex accounting processes.

Acuiti Labs provide SAP Revenue recognition functionality to help businesses in having a clearer picture of its cash flow and revenue. We provide you with accurate reporting system to help you secure a healthier financial future.

A flexible solution

To maintain credibility for your finances

SAP developed the Revenue Recognition solution to combat the challenges posed by ASC 606 and IFR 15. The up-to-date solution has proven to be extremely popular for companies who have merged existing systems and mass data into a centralised platform that delivers real-time GAAP, as the solution can easily automate the five steps of ASC 606.

Process of revenue recognition

5 Steps of ASC 606 and Real-Time Disclosure Reporting

Enabling businesses to post the billing documents and also recognize revenue at various points as required.    

1. Identify valuable contracts

Uses existing systems to identify revenue contracts through system configuration.

2. Recognise performance responsibilities

Features automatically identify contract performance obligation.

3. Get the transaction price fixed

Estimates the monetary value of all your variables across contracts.

4. Distribute transaction price to perform obligations

Automates revenue through various modes such as historical data, cost, customer type.

5. Automate Revenue recognition

Real-time visibility on revenue waterfalls and liability account balances with configurable reports.

SAP Revenue recognition

Key Features


Accelerate close cycle

Minimises overall time required for the financial close cycle, while providing accurate rule-based revenue recognition and cost accounting.


Simplified accounting policies

Allows businesses to leverage real-time disclosure reports and users can benefit from configurable accounting policies.


Automate ASC 606 and IFRS 15 accounting

Access advanced revenue recognition and reporting to create configurable and real-time disclosure reports.

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