Acuiti Core Values

Core Values

We shall cherish the following values, which shall guide and drive all our business endeavours. These values will help us to align the leadership and people of Acuiti to its mission, goals, and culture.



We shall aim at excellence in all our endeavors. We shall aggressively strive to exceed the expectations of our customers within the parameters of the Company’s mission. Under complex situations where many factors are beyond the control of the employee, we expect the employee to do his best without compromise.


We shall conduct ourselves in a conscientious manner, in all our transactions and deal with people in a professional way. We shall encourage employees to realize that business and professional growth are functions of trust, and we shall continuously discourage devious behaviour. We encourage and value integrity of our employees towards their work and customers.

Organizational Pride

We will take pride in being a valuable part of our organization and team that will always work as one team. All our actions must be governed by a shared understanding of being with the Company and we shall have pride in this fact. For this we shall call upon people to participate in decisions and actions as and when necessary. We shall collaborate with one another to meet organizational commitments and take personal responsibility for task accomplishment.


We shall be respectful in dealing with people and problems. The good intention of the Company shall be reflected in the day-to-day practices of management and supported by systems and procedures, which provide for fair treatment.


We shall foster organizational learning through sharing and innovation. We shall encourage individual efforts for learning and professional enhancement in organizationally relevant directions.

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