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Single Self-generated UI with combined analytics functionalities

SAC is a single platform with all important features like business intelligence, augmented analytics, predictive analytics and enterprise planning. The main structures of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) are termed as models. These models have dimensions that are nothing but hierarchical structures in which organizations can manage their account, organizational structure, or any other parameter which is needed to program or evaluate results.

When it comes to models in SAP Analytics Cloud, these are mainly categorized in two types – Planning and Analytics. The former helps the users in planning the activities within the models and the latter is a “read only” structure that helps user to carry out with the analysis of already gathered data.

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About SAP Analytics Cloud Services at Acuiti Labs

The primary goal of Acuiti Labs’ SAP Analytics cloud service is to offer businesses a right platform and a set of tools that cover the entire business process including emails, messenger services, business intelligence, collaborations, etc. in an easy and efficient manner without creating a burden of additional work on the IT team.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides an instinctive interface that enable business users to execute tasks in a simpler and faster way, with intuitive functionality that resemble the tools they already use to facilitate adoption.

It can be summarized that SAP Analytics Cloud is used for data-driven budgeting, analysis, and forecasting from one cloud interface. 

SAC Capabilities

Resolve decision making problem with SAC by Acuiti Labs

The SAP Analytic Cloud provide below tiers based on its capabilities:

  • It can support up to a million users and can connect, prepare, and blend data for up to nearly 200 SAP and non-SAP sources. 
  • It can be deployed modularly and can distribute BI processes with greater flexibility. 
  • It also helps to do away with different data sources and smash them to establish a single, trusted source of data truth, so business leaders can monitor, simulate, and drive change. 
  • SAC provides the functionality to create time series forecasts within a story. An algorithm uses historical data to predict future values. The result of the forecast can then be used in theplanning process. 
  • Predictive forecasting automatically detects risks, so you can focus on proactive preparation and taking the best course of action. 
  • Rapid Prototyping by Customizing, integrate, and extend existing content, templates, or user stories with existing data models and widgets. 
  • Machine learning technology helps you simulate the impact of strategic changes on business outcomes, so you can gain valuable insights in less time. 

Flexibility to connect securely with your Data

Connecting to your data is the first step in getting a clear picture of your enterprise; resulting in streamlined processes and data-driven decision making. By using public software SaaS from SAC, you can easily and securely connect to your on premise or on-cloud data sources.

Acuiti Labs can be the right partner for your business to carry out the entire process to establish SAC for your business right from data connectivity, modeling, social collaboration, security and administration to data representation. Our SAC team can also assist you with web and mobile extensions and API’s based integration.  SAP hosts SAC in its own data centers and the customer flexibility of choosing from which data center the cloud is to be obtained. Once a connection is established, data can beimportedtoa new or existing model.For data sources that have aliveconnection,a model can be created based on the live connectionand the data will be read in real time. SAP Analytics cloud offers real-time access to SAP applications like HANA, as well as non-SAP applications for on-premises and cloud locations.


Live Data Source

This connection refers to a real-time connection to a system. At this point, data is obtained directly from the system. This data comes from On Premise Data sources such as SAP S/4 HANA, SAP HANA, OData Services, SAP BW etc. Changes within the data basis have an immediate effect on the data displayed in the dashboard due to these connection types.

Excel File

Data can be uploaded from an Excel File stored on the system. This application case is interesting for users from the specialist area who are less technically experienced.

Existing Data Source

This data comes from the existing data sources connected to SAC. There is a data management in the models in which you can schedule regular updates (import jobs). In addition, an update is possible at the push of a button.

Key Features



Predictive forecasting: It takes into account different values, trends, cycles, and/or fluctuations in you data to make a prediction. Time series forecasting: With a time-series, line chart, or planning grid, a user can choose from several techniques – Automatic forecasting, triple exponential smoothing and Linear Regression to aid in their decision making process.


Decision Making

Stories: It is a collection of insights basically charts, texts, images for the visual representation of data. R Visualization: It integrates with SAP Analytics Cloud to create visualizations based on R scripts. It gives a wide variety of statistical i.e. linear and non-linear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series, analysis, classification, clustering techniques. It allows user to integrate their own R environment into SAP Analytics Cloud.


Word Cloud

Word clouds use text data to depict word frequency. Word clouds are frequently used in breaking down qualitative data sets like conversations and surveys, especially for sales and branding firms.  R Script : R is an open source programming language that includes packages for advanced visualizations, Statistics, Machine Learning etc.

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