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Simplified Billing and Invoicing for Connecting Vehicles
with Acuiti Pay

SAP BRIM or SAP Billing is a new age technology to simplify the billing procedure for businesses that deal with complex and high-volume billing and invoicing. The benefits of SAP Billing solution are not limited to just simplifying the process but it also helps in making the entire billing process more transparent, flexible, agile and highly efficient. It also allows for very effective revenue management processes.

Acuiti Pay is one of the several BRIM accelerators by Acuiti Labs. Just like other efficient business accelerators we offer, Acuiti Pay is also designed to provide businesses with industry specific solution that allows easy and quick adoption of the overall billing solution.

Acuiti Pay

Acuiti Pay - Easy to use platform for connected vehicles

Acuiti pay is all that a private car owner needs today, as it is world’s first end-to-end dedicated commerce, payments, billing, subscription and data management platform for connected cars. It provides a ready to use platform that enables connected vehicle commerce with the use of new age SAP technologies.

Private cars owners who are looking for a robust and flexible solution for end-to-end billing, payment, and customer relationship management, Acuiti pay is best choice for such users. Capable of working with partners from the automotive, telecom, and insurance industries (among others), AcuitiPay brings together all the services that drivers need into one easy-to-use platform which includes the following:

  • Fuel and vehicle charging
  • Roadside / accidents assistance
  • Parking availability and assistance
  • Toll charging
  • Insurance
  • Accessories for cars or vehicles
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Entertainment like Wi-Fi and streaming media
  • Food and Beverages
  • Vehicle Financing & Leasing

Key Features

With SAP BRIM, AcuitiPay enables the following.

  • Integrate innovative services from third-party providers into the AcuitiPay platform
  • Makes drivers life easy by enabling quick, convenient, one-click payment for services
  • Generates single bill for every service the vehicle takes, right from parking to tolls to in-car entertainment
  • Consolidated billing and invoicing from partners and third-party providers into a single system
  • Onboard partners’ existing services, offerings, and loyalty programs seamlessly
  • Manages large number of recurring subscriptions with efficiently
  • Delivers billing information and driver data to partners reliably and securely
  • Simplify revenue management significantly
  • Reduce deployment time of new connected car services from months to weeks

Why is Acuiti Pay a powerful platform for drivers/car owners

World class
billing standard

With world class billing and subscription management solution, AcuitiPay is developed with the latest SAP BRIM technologies with keeping the flexibility of users in mind. It is robust, secure and fully transaction platform that is developed as cloud service with user-friendly interface.


Designed with Powerful
SAP foundation

It is SAP’s powerful platform that is customized for automative application with the usage of same products as used by apple to power iTunes. It comes with multiple access point web, mobile and dashboard and supports multiple billing types that includes consumption based charging.

Handles multiple
types of Transaction

It is a smart platform that comes with the capability of handling various different types of transactions. From subscriptions and bundling to consumption based charging and handling digital and physical products, it efficiently works for all.

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