SAP Billing (BRIM) Accelerator: AcuitiPay Modern simplified Billing& Invoicing for Connected Cars

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovations Management (SAP BRIM or aka Hybris Billing) has undoubtedly brought a revolutionary change in traditional billing method. It’s been designed with a purpose of simplifying the complex and high-volume billing and invoicing processes by combining multiple different streams to generate a single bill as an output. Not only simplifying, but SAP BRIM has helped in making the complete billing process more transparent, flexible, agile and highly efficient. It also allows for very effective revenue management processes.

Key Benefits of choosing SAP BRIM for your Business

There are various benefits of using SAP BRIM including Cloud deployment, innovating business model, supporting subscription and usage-based model and offering multisided revenue models for partners. Apart from these, below are some more benefits of using it for your business –

  1. All new experience of selling services instead of products – Let your customer get the advantage of booking or buying a service and pay only on usage-basis instead paying a huge upfront amount for the product. What if you get the same car on the subscription basis? and only pay for the service you use. Yes, this is now possible and also easy to manage subscriptions and usage-based billing with SAP BRIM. Now you can buy any product as a service like car, mobile, etc.
  2. Easy Business model operationalization : While you use SAP BRIM, it’s really easy for you to enable any form or combination of business model, whether it is prepaid, pay-as-you-go on any other. All this will be an automated invoicing and accounting process that will be smartly handled by BRIM.
  3. Ability to scale business models that are capable of supporting and handling high-volume processing: Another smart functionality of SAP BRIM is the ability to manage business models that can support high-volume processing. It can easily support IoT (Internet of Things) and other connected devices with high-volume, automated, and transparent processing across usage-event and financial postings.

SAP Billing (BRIM) Accelerators –

Acuiti Labs have developed several accelerators based on the SAP Billing or SAP BRIM platform. They are designed to provide businesses with industry specific solution that allows easy and quick adoption of the overall billing solution. By using SAP BRIM accelerators your business can reduce the workload and speed up the implementation process as the complete billing cycle is automated and precise. Moreover, you get an opportunity to see the billing process in action for your own industry before you commit.

Why choose SAP BRIM accelerator for your business?

SAP’s automated billing service BRIM is being widely chosen by businesses and it has surely turned out to be the game changer. Many big and small business have improved their billing and invoicing procedure with the help SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management and these accelerators have now became the integral part of a lot of growing businesses around the world. These points below can clearly help you in understanding that how SAP BRIM accelerators works and manages the billing flow effortlessly:

  1. Order Management on the basis of Subscription: The SAP Billing process ensures quick delivery and accurate billing. It also automates the billing cycles, extensions, updates and renewals making it even more flexible for the businesses. Tasks like managing invoicing hierarchies, specialised catalogs, and shared credit are also done separately under SAP Billing process only.
  2. Collecting, upgrading and managing events on usage base: Apart from managing the subscription, SAP BRIM also manages data that is collected on usage basis. It captures, updates, and combines usage and event data for further processing required for pricing and charging. Another advantage of using BRIM is that it provides complete support to increasing volumes of usage data with unlimited scalability.
  3. Flexible and quick charging based on your business models: Build and offer both subscription, and usage-based pricing models that are also customer-centric. Create, manage and execute allowances and entitlements with complete flexibility and most importantly you are allowed to seamlessly integrate your current digital environment with supporting APIs.
  4. Merged Invoicing for all the offered services : The best way to enhance customer satisfaction and minimising customer queries is to provide them with clear and accurate invoicing. This is what SAP billing does for you. It combines billing information from various areas and partners into a single, precise and accurate report as an output.
  5. Create and Manage Documentation Flexibly: With SAP BRIM you have complete flexibility of managing, creating and personalising business communications both in digital and hard-copy formats. You also get an option of customizing messages, formats, bills, invoices, and receipts.

SAP BRIM Accelerator by Acuiti Labs – AcuitiPay

AcuitiPay is a powerful SAP BRIM accelerator owned by Acuiti Labs and it is world’s first dedicated end-to-end payment, billing, subscription and data management platform for connected vehicle. Capable of working with partners from the automotive, telecom, and insurance industries (among others), AcuitiPay is a complete package designed to help the drivers and brings together all the services that they need into one easy-to-use platform.



Following are the services you can choose while using the AcuitiPay:

  1. Fuel and charging
  2. Maintenance and repairs
  3. Roadside/ accidents
  4. Wi-Fi and streaming media
  5. Food and Beverages
  6. Parking and Tolls
  7. Insurance
  8. Vehicle Accessories
  9. Vehicle Financing & Leasing



AcuitiPay revs up the ease and convenience of its connected vehicle platform by using SAP Technology

With SAP BRIM, AcuitiPay enables:

  1. Integrate innovative services from third-party providers into the AcuitiPay platform.
  2. Enable quick, convenient, one-click payment for services, making driver’s life easier
  3. Generate a single bill for all vehicle services, from parking to in-car entertainment.
  4. Consolidate billing and invoicing process from partners and third-party providers into a single system.
  5. Onboard partners’ existing services, offerings, and loyalty programs seamlessly
  6. Manage numerous recurring subscriptions with ease
  7. Deliver billing information and driver data to partners reliably and securely
  8. Simplify revenue management significantly
  9. Reduce deployment time of new connected car services from months to weeks.

Acuitipay Overview


Image – Overview

  • World Class Billing and Subscription Management solution – The solution that is used by AcuitiPay is developed with the latest SAP technologies. AcuitiPay is robust, secure and fully transaction platform that is developed as cloud service.
  • Powerful SAP foundation customized for Automotive application
    • Same products used by apple to power iTunes
    • Multiple access point web, mobile and dashboard
    • Supports multiple billing types including consumption-based charging
  • High volume, real-time transaction processing and revenue distribution – Initial build to support 10 million customers
  • Multinational – AcuitiPay can be used with different languages, territory, currency, taxation, e-invoicing, reporting, regulation etc.
  • Single sign-on “Marketplace” Experience
    • Many merchants, single customer interface, one account
    • Simplified management of customers and payment information
  • Multiple transaction types that can handled with AcuitiPay
    • Subscriptions and Bundling
    • Consumption based charging
    • Digital and physical products
  • Simplified product management
    • Direct control of products and pricing
    • Web interface or integration to existing systems
  • Compatible with all existing enterprise system
    • Modern/Legacy
    • ERP, Billing, CRM, Marketing, e-Commerce
  • Custom/Localized UI – Country /Division / Brand / Vehicle
  • Easily Integrated with all Eco-system services
    • Parking
    • Insurance
    • Roadside Assistance
  • Revenue sharing and revenue distribution

What are the various Scenarios of AcuitiPay –


Image – Revenue Management Processes

  • User Registration
  • Card Registration
  • Product Catalogue
  • Product Bundle
  • Price management
  • Rating and charging
  • Usage based changing
  • Detailed Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Cancellation and changes
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Credit management
  • Partner Share
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Handling Customer disputes

Various Scenarios of Subscription Management with AcuitiPay


Image – Subscription Processes

  1. Fixed product fixed charge
  2. Product with free period
  3. Variable period with variable price
  4. Service combination with Variable free period and price bundle
  5. Fixed charge plus consumption surcharge
  6. Carry forwards – Fixed charge minus unused amount pro-rata
  7. Payment Notification
  8. Cancellations
  9. Upgrade downgrade of the product
  10. Change in configuration
  11. Subscription extension
  12. Deferred revenue for annual subscriptions
  13. Addition of free service to existing subscription


Image – Other Subscription Processes

Opportunities and Challenges and Learn how AcuitiPay help –

  • American drivers spend an average of 51 minutes/day in the car and 73% of drivers used smartphones, tablets or other devices to make purchases from vehicles in 2018
  • $230 Billion (8% growth over 2017)
  • Commuters value speed and efficiency and want to get the most out of their driving experiences
  • The winners in the market for on-demand mobile commerce / services will make payments seamless, ubiquitous, “frictionless” and global
  • It is critical to aggregate all payment options and avenues in one place
  • it is very easy to compromise a weak payment eco-system architecture without the right technologies.

Now count on your driving experience with AcuitiPay as by choosing this you have the freedom choose numerous services that you might need during your journey without even worrying about the manual calculations and billings.

Get ready for the Hassle-free ride with AcuitiPay. Contact us for more details

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