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A Game-Changer in the SAP BRIM Industry

Businesses looking to fuel the next wave of digital innovation in the current global scenario are not only looking forward to companies that are not just more efficient, but also much more effective in providing unique SAP Services. Acuiti Labs is one of the leading SAP Support partners when it comes to the digital/sales transformation for your business. 

We solve business challenges using technology, build tech platforms and enable market-winning digital strategies with a clear focus on value realization and monetization.

We have a proven track record in delivering the most complex business use cases with 100% efficiency to address our clients’ evolving and complex sales transformation challenges.

Our differentiator is our SAP consultants who are experienced at the big four and other consulting firms, the development and execution of strategies, problem-solving skills that enable us to provide innovative business solutions based on SAP technology that will help businesses yield a higher return on investment (ROI).

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Right SAP Partner for Your Business.

From strategizing and optimizing your processes to implementing customized solutions that perfectly fit your business requirements, Acuiti Labs does it all. We can help you in maintaining your SAP system landscape, thus providing a more satisfying customer experience. We help businesses optimize, upgrade, and maintain their SAP Solutions to improve their processes and workflow.  Our team of SAP-Certified Experts consists of trusted advisors with industry-specific knowledge and hands-on experience delivering business technology solutions and digital transformation by deploying SAP BRIM (Billing) on S/4HANA and cloud-based applications such as Subscription Billing, CPQ & Entitlement Management. 

We are one of the leading SAP Consulting firms headquartered in London, UK, providing SAP Support for businesses of all sizes and in all industries, including telecom, postal, ports, and utilities around the world. We believe in identifying and implementing new ways to enhance and nurture our connections and quantify our globally expanded growth.

Message from CEO

Manoj Harbhajanka

We are a consulting organisation founded on three key pillars. First is the ‘Strategy of Focus,’ which means delivering exceptional consulting in our chosen field of ‘Quote to Cash,’ specifically for service industries, leveraging leading technologies like SAP BRIM, CPQ, SB, EMS, and Sales Cloud. The second pillar is our mantra of ‘Employees First,’ where we ensure that we learn, develop, and grow together in a trusted environment. Employee wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us at Acuiti Labs. The third pillar is ‘Customer Benefits,’ which allows us to focus on delivering customer-centric outcomes, keeping customers’ interests at the core.

We all make choices about how we develop and grow our organizations, and for us, these three pillars are our guiding principles. We believe the Strategy of Focus allows us to develop exceptional skills and be the undisputed experts in our chosen field. Employees First ensures that our organization is a reliable and enjoyable place for us to work together. Delivering Customer Benefits keeps us honest in our work, because when we create a dependable relationship with our partners, we create happy customers.

Deep Relationship with SAP

Acuiti Labs is certified as an SAP Silver Partner and is a partner in the SAP PartnerEdge® program. For decades, Acuiti Labs has been delivering complex SAP-based transformational programs for businesses around the world.

Innovation is at the heart of everything that Acuiti Labs offers to our customers. Our strong partnership with SAP is evolving with a focus on SAP’s new-age technologies coupled with our strong experience in regulated industries to provide innovative business solutions. We offer a strong SAP portfolio and a wide range of services consisting of evaluation, consulting, implementation, upgrades, support, and maintenance.

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Our Story

A specialist SAP consulting firm headquartered in London, UK, servicing clients globally for ‘Consumer-toCash’ process transformation and optimization. We have grown exponentially and scaled our services globally, having a strong physical presence in Europe, North America, Japan, and India.

We aim to serve in the best interests of our clients and provide them with a foundation of lifelong relationships based on trust and integrity.

Acuiti Labs has been delivering business technology solutions and digital transformations by deploying SAP BRIM (Billing) on S/4HANA and cloud-based applications such as Subscription Billing, CPQ, and Entitlement Management.

Our Vision

To build an organization that can deliver business change through process optimization, technology excellence and innovative mindset.

Our Mission

To solve customer problem and provide value through our business and technical expertise and practical innovation.

Our Values

We shall cherish the following values, which shall guide and drive all our business endeavors – Excellence, Integrity, Organizational Pride, Respect, Learning. 

Awards & Recognitions


A Strategy of Quality and Focus

Strategic Position:

Be the leading consulting firm globally for Subscription and Usage-Based Billing, Target Operating Models


We will operate globally but have a strong physical presence in Europe, North America, Japan, and India


People are our most important assets and it must be evident at all times. Be a fun and innovative place to work.

Technology Objectives:

Maintain the best competency center in our chosen SAP Technologies (SAP BRIM and aligned areas) but also have a strong capability in Digital to complement our focus area. We offer Consume to Cash billing transformation.


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Worried about managing customers' experience?

SAP BRIM is an advanced and powerful billing solution offered by Acuiti Labs that is used in managing subscriptions and other recurring revenue sources. It is mainly useful in managing high-volume billing environments that require flexible product configuration and a faster time-to-market.

Our SAP BRIM solution can help you in the management of business model design, it performs contract and order management, billing, and invoice processing. It manages receivables and payables and provides support for financial customer care. SAP Billing by Acuiti Labs provides you with invoicing software to automate your invoicing process.


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