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Simplify Subscription Management Process for your Customers

We have already entered an era of subscriptions and understand how deeply it influences the life of individuals in today’s time. A lot of businesses have already opted for the subscription- based billing model and leveraging it benefits. But offering a service with recurring billing option requires a business required continues attention as it deals with recurring transactions, huge volume of customer data, multiple changes and updates and thus increased customer interaction.

This could be overwhelming or businesses and can result in data losses. In such situations, providing your customers with the access to managing their own subscriptions comes in handy and makes the task a lot easier.

This is where Acuiti Subscription Manager comes into picture

To offer your customer the ease of managing their subscriptions through their mobile device

To enable your customers to self-manage their subscriptions

To enhance productivity specially when it comes to answering queries related to bills and invoices.

To offer help to customers in resolving payment, subscriptions, or subscription renewal related queries.

To support the B2B customers in self-managing their subscriptions based on a negotiated contract

Acuiti Subscription Manager is all you need!

Acuiti Labs understands the importance of a self-care subscription Management Application and how it can contribute to making your customers job easy and offer them flexibility for the same.

Key benefits

Benefits and Features

Simplify the subscription management process for your customers

An innovative, user-centric app (web & mobile), designed for subscription-based businesses to provide a complete self-serve platform for their customers. A one-stop solution to manage all subscriptions from a single platform.

Manage and view subscriptions & related functions

An advanced cloud-native solution that allows the end customers to buy and self-manage their subscriptions, make payments, raise disputes, and manage the subscription lifecycles.​ Allows customers to effortlessly manage all subscriptions from a single platform.

Create and manage business-to-business agreements

Offers additional benefits for your business-to-business customers, such as allowing them to create & manage Business-to-Business agreements, & products to the agreement with negotiated prices and add subscriptions to agreements, and manage the subscriptions in self-care/agent-assisted mode.

Keep your customers updated by sending alerts and notifications

Keep your customers updated by sending alerts and notifications. Provide them with the benefit of receiving timely alerts and notifications on the web or mobile app so that they never miss a payment or miss out on the latest offers.

Manage new or existing disputes easily

Allows the customers to raise and manage disputes in one place while the portal is tightly integrated with the back end to ensure complete visibility and tracking from both customer and provider ends.

Available on SAP Store!

ASM a cloud-native, mobile-ready one-stop solution, which can complement your SAP BRIM and Subscription Billing to enable your end customers (both B2B and B2C) to manage their subscriptions effectively.

Click the SAP Store button below to get into more details about the product.

A Self-Service Portal – Offering better clarity to your customers

Acuiti Subscription Manager is designed to resolve the challenges that are commonly faced by customers while using multiple subscriptions. While a customer uses ASM mobile or web application, they view their subscriptions, invoices, payments made, due payments, payments date, latest offers, and statements by themselves and get complete clarity about these. Unlike the traditional way of subscription management, this application allows you, customers, to get complete details about your subscriptions on their own. All that you need to do is to get yourself registered on the portal and you access all the benefits of the application

Acuiti Subscription Manager

Acuiti Subscription Manager enables your customers to:

Access all subscription related information from a single place

Buy, change, and manage the lifecycle of subscriptions

View bills, and make payments, set up recurring payments 

Raise/Manage Disputes

Define customer specific pricing contracts (B2B for subscription billing only)

Subscription revenue forecast for the business (subscription billing only)

Receive alerts and notifications

Manage Payment Methods

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Acuiti Subscription Manager

Additionally, for your B2B customers:

Acuiti Subscription Manager comes with unique features to be offered to its B2B customers. Have a look –

Create and manage B2B agreements

Add products to the agreement with a negotiated price

Add subscriptions to agreements

Manage the subscriptions either by self-care mode or agent assisted mode

Why Acuiti Subscription Manager By Acuiti Labs?

With Acuiti Subscription Manager, a customer can effectively connect, track, and manage their bills, invoices and subscriptions with better efficiency and accuracy thus simplifying financial and operational management for them.

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