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Debt Management: Getting a grip of the situation

Companies with clear credit processes and minimal overdue debt, are better at weathering downturns

Bad debt, the revenue that organizations write off because customers can’t or won’t pay their bills, continues to accumulate like barnacles clinging to a ship’s hull and creating drag.

With continuing economic slowdown and increasing unemployment, household incomes in many Western economies have been squeezed, increasing the likelihood of delinquency and a rise in bad debt charges. The uncertainties arising from global shocks such as Brexit, trade wars, and a possible recession also pose risks for utilities & similar organizations. At the same time, liberalization and intensifying competition in many markets is resulting in higher levels of switching among customers, sometimes accompanied by bad debt when final bills go unpaid.

Managing Credit & Collection processes with SAP

Debt Management with BRF+ clubbed with SAP Analytics Cloud

BRF+ is a framework of Business rules which can help outline customer’s credit and collection process. It is a robust, scalable and comes with UI which makes it a promising tool to manage debt in comparison to its predecessor and other best in breed solution available in market. It enables:

  • Business to own the strategy changes making it agile & less reliant on IT team
  • Allows tailored treatment based on customer segmentation
  • Design transparency, enhanced performance & integration with 3rd party DCAs
  • Champion-Challenger functionality and success evaluation
  • Host of attributes from Master Data, Transaction data to derived value using formula & even FM

SAP Analytics Cloud is a real time BI, planning & analytics tool which can help discover deep insights & empower decision making. This will help customer domain experts maintain a rapid change cycles Analyse, Optimize, Implement

Why Acuiti Labs for your Debt Management Transformation

Business and Technology Consulting

Acuiti Labs is a digital firm delivering business and technology consulting, transforming enterprises with innovative solutions. With proven expertise in delivering successful SAP BRIM based transformation, Acuiti Labs is all you need to support your Business objective on Debt management.


Debt Management Transformation

On Debt Management transformation we have collaborated with clients across industry segments like Utilities, Telcom, Postal, Port and supported them in containing their Debt position not only by technology implementation but also offering Industry best practices.

Big 4 Consulting Experience

With experts having Big 4 consulting experience and strong technology capability in the area of SAP BRIM, Analytics, AI, Big Data, Mobile & other Cloud technology, we are best placed to understand your Business objective and co-create the desired solution.

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