Is SAP Commerce the right platform for me?

Onboarding new clients is a sign of growth but being able to effectively manage a growing clientele is where it can get tricky, enter, SAP’s Commerce platform! Our previous blog ‘Does your e-commerce platform need to be upgraded to SAP Commerce’ covered when businesses should consider changing platforms, now we will focus on why the SAP Hybris Commerce platform is a highly recommended alternative to resolve the problems.

We have broken down how businesses and their customers can benefit from making this investment so you can gauge a better understanding on how the platform can be leveraged to meet versatile business needs.

Flexible, adaptable, stable and efficient – SAP’s Hybris Commerce platform’s flexibility & performance is incomparable to other e-commerce platforms. Not only does the platform provide businesses with a range of tools catered for different operations, but it also works well when integrated with existing systems. As the platform uses cutting edge technology, end users benefit from a great quality of service.

Multi-language opportunities – This platform can be used and presented in multiple languages, currencies and local tax rates, a unique feature that adds to its adaptability for both domestic and international clientele.

Cost effective and multitasking – Most existing platforms have failed to deliver adequate support or framework to accommodate added functions, whereas SAP Hybris Commerce comes with an added feature that helps users implement extensions and add-ons in real-time. Platforms that are not flexible tend to result in higher costs to maintain, as new features have to be brought and implemented by external teams. SAP Commerce provides users with more autonomy and independence, resulting in a reduction in company costs.

Popular choice for B2B and B2C markets – It’s becoming a growing trend for businesses to directly reach out to their end-users, with a strategy to extend sales opportunities to merge B2B and B2C models. Unfortunately, many businesses have not been able to successfully execute this strategy as a result of various limitations in their existing e-commerce platforms. Switching to SAP Hybris Commerce will give businesses an advantage as the platform is built for both B2B and B2C users and can manage end-customers in both markets from a single platform.

Omni- channel functionality – One of the most important features of this highly efficient e-commerce platform includes its omni-channel functionality. This functionality makes it easier for businesses to connect with the significant customers from any location, and utilise new channels and touchpoints for efficient interactions. Channels could be via websites, emails, mobile devices, call centers, etc

Existing SAP Hybris Commerce users opted for this platform to:

  • Enhance business growth
  • Improve customer engagement and interaction
  • Achieve business goals
  • Improve customer service
  • Make business operations more effective
  • Ensure general efficiency, visibility and reliability


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Our experts recommend the SAP Hybris Commerce platform for both growing and established businesses, not only to sustain their positions in highly competitive markets but to also remain a step ahead in terms of technology and opportunities.

Enter the world of ample opportunities to grow your business from all quadrants quickly and effectively by adopting the SAP Commerce Platform.

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