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Most Exciting Artificial Intelligence Trends to watch out in 2020. What does experts say?

Just like 2019, 2020 is going to be a yet another big year for Artificial Intelligence. Though AI is amongst the least predictive industries and we cannot commit anything based on it, still based on what happened in 2019 we can make a few assumptions for 2020’s AI game.
There are some really big technologies that have already made their way in 2020 and, if everything went just like what the experts are saying, this year is going to be super exciting for AI.

Here are a few really interesting Artificial Intelligence trends to watch out for in 2020

Advanced Improvements in Predictive texts

it’s been quite a while since predictive text came into picture and this is a fact that we all have experienced the importance to text predictions in our lives at-least once in a while. Combination of predictive text with Artificial Intelligence could be really exciting as it can help the users in speeding up the writing process to a great extent which will not only save time but will also provide accuracy.

AI Evolutions for Computer Graphics Advancements

The other most exciting trend to look in 2020 will be improvements in the use of AI in computer-generated graphics. This is going to be a great advancement for more photorealistic effects like creating high-fidelity and more real environments, objects, and characters in movies, games and similar HD online shows.

Improved and Efficient Marketing teams

When it comes to improving the efficiency of marketing teams of any organization, use of AI, is going to play a vital role in the year 2020. Research shows that 96% of AI “experts” and 90% of both “opportunists” and “novices” say AI has helped in making their marketing team more efficient. This is because, AI is time saving, it automates a lot of manual tasks, and performs data-intensive work far better and accurate than humans can.

Advancements in Voice-assisted Search

Voice search is on the rise and future clearly belongs to it. Research shows that in 2020, 30% of web browsing and searches will be done without a screen which will be voice based. Auditory technologies and devices like google home, Amazon Echo, Siri, etc. recognizes voice, spoken language and syntax, that not only derive meaning and deliver the results, but it personalizes the results too. 2020 will have almost of 7 billion devices that come with voice-powered assistants and this is only getting better with time.

Business Benefits and Revenue Gains

2020 will bring more benefits for businesses that are going to integrate AI with them in one or the other way. When utilized by the organization within an end-to-end platform, Artificial Intelligence brings in a lot of benefits like predicting and driving revenue to the businesses.

Improvement in real-time personalization

We all have experienced suggestions of personalized messages and notifications many times while we shop. This is done the with AI as it allows sellers or marketers to quickly and accurately get a complete view of customers in real-time while they interact through online portals and mobile apps. This helps businesses to quickly learn how their estimates can fit the wants and needs with ever-increasing accuracy.

Highly improved Facial Recognition technique

Facial recognition technology is amongst the fastest grown technologies of the last decade and perhaps it is only likely to intensify as we move into 2020. Though there are a few ups and downs related to the use of facial recognition technology, we still are hopeful about seeing some more advancements related to facial recognition technology in 2020.

Business Benefits of using Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software

Contract activity is an essential business aspect that requires proper management during the complete cycle. SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) service is a practical and systematic way to manage the entire contract lifecycle right from initial stage, through award, agreement and renewal (if required). A few advantages of using CLM for your business includes simplifying sourcing and procurement processes, accelerate compliance with negotiated terms, and enhance competitive advantage.
Below listed are a few reasons why businesses find it difficult to manage contracts –

  • Contracts management take significant time to copy, file and store which businesses fail to give and thus the process becomes difficult for them.
  • There’s no streamlined process to keep a track of price and payments which creates revenue loopholes.
  • Lot of time consumption in approval process from various ends can put a wrong impression on the customers and can also make you less valuable in their eyes
  • If working without a proper CLM software, split management can result in incorrect and incomplete information or even overlook policy compliance

Choosing SAP CLM can be very helpful in overcoming all the problems that you might face and can also be helpful in improving cost savings and efficiency of your business. Having proper understanding and automating CLM minimises organisational liability and increases compliance with legal requirements.

Benefits of Using CLM (contract lifecycle management) for your business

Here are certain ways through which you can understand the use of automation software and how it can benefit your business with contract lifecycle management (CLM):

1. Standardized and managed process right from start to end

You need to first properly understand how the complete process of customer lifecycle management works. We can take an example of following steps that a CLM could involve:

  • The first step is ‘generating a quote’ with the help of CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) that you might be using.
  • Next, you will be sending over an e-sign document to bind the contract.
  • Further, you might have to carry out the operation of making the sale and supplying the product
  • Once all this is done, you will store your contract in a database
  • And at the last, you will book the contract using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and keep track of your contracts from there.

CLM, instead streamlines all contracts based on the business’s operations thus helping you in managing multiple applications like separate CRM and ERP software from the same place. By doing this, you will be able to manage all steps of all contracts in one single program, where the collaborating with your partner or client becomes faster and you can also easily manage and track different tasks.

CLM minimises your chances of missing any deadlines and also provides access to required information from any part of the process just with a few clicks.

2. Minimises the requirement and dependency of manual tasks

Contract Lifecycle management is the new generation, smart software with the capability to deal with contract’s front end and back end experience without any requirement of creating custom code. The standard businesses today use a dedicated CRM software for customer relations, and an ERP software for doing the booking. However, they carry out the steps in between manually.

CLM is the best solution to automate the complete manual process and streamline it in the following ways:

  • An auto-generated contract sent to the customer to sign based on the quote that has been selected
  • Approval and renewal notifications are sent to the appropriate people and applications in charge of moving the contract along once the task is complete
  • Contract is automatically updated and stored in the database once it has been signed by the customer.

When you choose to use CLM, you make sure that you are not missing any important steps in your contract’s lifecycle with the freedom of running through the complete sales process without worrying about completing and focusing on manual tasks.

3. Automate everything between and after first and last step of the contract

The above two steps clearly signify how CLM can imitate the contract procedure and manage it smartly for you. Though, these steps are covering up the entire process of managing a contract, there are many businesses that need to be smart enough while taking care of a few little details that they might come across before and after the first and the last step of the contract.

This can be better explained with the help of an example in which, when you are sending a quote to you customer, then first you will have to go through your business’s pricing module to understand it and find out in which category your customer’s profile fits perfectly. You will also look for the discounts that your customer might be eligible for. Similarly, while finishing up the contract, there are some formalities that you might need to finish.

Once you choose CLM software for this, it will automatically take care of the all the details that require attention right before you start the contract and after the deal is done. Irrespective of what platform these details function in, CLM software can easily access them from anywhere. For example, if after the booking is done and contract is signed and now you need to activate a special benefit plan, CLM does it for you automatically.

4. Streamlined Process of Personalizing Contracts

When it is about details, we have to understand that contracts are the strong connection that two parties share with each other and it should be feasible enough for both the parties to remain updated and navigate through it. A streamlined process to personalize contracts assure that the both you and your customer have accurate and up-to-date info and neither you nor your customer is wasting time during negotiations.

Once you start using CLM, it takes all the responsibility of creating and managing numerous drafts of your contract. It accesses and edit the necessary information whenever you need. Contract Lifecycle management software along with easy tracking options also offers advantages like:

Transparency : When using CLM, you don’t have to worry about where and by whom the contract has been drafted. The details of the contract will always remain easy to track so there is no pressure on manager of going back and forth to manage the contract.

Effectiveness : Using CLM increases the efficiency as you and your customer will get alert notification about the latest drafts that are being used so that both the parties are not wasting time on the incorrect draft.

Accuracy : Stay more accurate as any manual or automatic change is always is being tracked, documented and automatically stored along with all the previous version.

5. Measure and stay updated about the Success of your contract

SAP CLM that you can use for the Contract Lifecycle management of your business comes with an analytics tool which will help you in having a 360-degree view of your success. It is very important to keep a track of how your contract is moving and how is the progress and this can be easily done with the help of SAP CLM Software. Here are a few ways how CLM software with the help of already installed analytical tool can help you in managing and tracking the whole process of contract signing or renewing:

  • The software can easily find out steps in the process that are taking too long for the approval and get them wrapped up quickly.
  • You can also check for step that require permanent changes in a pricing model.
  • You can also remain updated about any change that customer might want to make in the e-sign document that needs your attention.

The CLM software keeps you ahead in the race so that there is no delay from your end when it comes to signing the agreements of making very important changes in contract’s lifecycle early on. This makes it easy to verify whether or not that particular contract is helping your business to reach the planned goal. By this it will be easy for you to determine if there is any serious change that you have to make in the process or even you have to continue working on the project. This is very helpful at the time when your business is dealing with a large number of complicated contracts.

Reasons to Implement Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software for your Business

1. Saves money and Time : When you choose good CLM, there are less chances that your business will have to deal with issues like penalties for non-compliance, missing important opportunities from special terms and rebates, missed payments or other payment errors, incurring fees and other penalties. This all is handled in the right manner because of good contract administration thus saving a lot of money and valuable time for you. CLM helps in simplifying processes in the contract administration and thus saves a lot of time and cost.

2. Prevent any legal process from contract non-compliance : There are many contracts that deal with a major of compliance. If contractual commitments remain incomplete, the potential for a legal action can be higher. A good CLM software prevents you from any such situation.

3. Deliver best to your customers : Being a business, what else would you need than fulfilling and exceeding your customer demands and expectations. This is only possible through a planned contract performance that can enhance any organization’s value and lead to better customer relationship.

4. Justifies the difference between the functionalities of contract managers contract administrators : The Contract managers and contracts administrators are different and are assigned to do different tasks. CLM software helps in letting them do their tasks the best, thus saving time and it also avoids any confusion that might occur.

How Acuiti Labs can help?

From contract drafting, it’s management, to its completion, SAP CLM software that we provide at Acuiti Labs is capable of supporting businesses to simplify their entire process of Contract Lifecycle. So, choose SAP CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) for your business today and see how it plays an important role in closing deals faster and growing your business. Contact us for more details about CLM and Acuiti Labs.

Top 7 industries impacted by IoT Solutions

IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, used for collecting and sharing data. IoT adds some portion of digital intelligence to devices enabling them to communicate real-time data without a human being involved, effectively merging the digital and physical worlds.

Do you have any idea how far the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions have impacted many industries? Internet of Things (IoT) continues to spread across the home and the enterprise, which is changing how we live and work. We can say that IoT is the next wave of internet technologies. The reason why IoT is being preferred by businesses is that it provides access to more data about their products and their own internal systems. IoT products can be broadly disputed into five categories:

• Smart city

• Smart environment

• Smart wearable

• Smart home

• Smart enterprise

The IoT is a giant network of connected “things” that has the potential to impact how we live and how we work. We can say that the world is going with a flow of “Anything that can be connected, will be connected.” Here are a few examples that can make you understand this thing better, consider an alarm clock waking up you at 6 a.m. and then notifying your coffee maker to start preparing coffee for you. Another such example could be that you are on the way to a conference in your car that has a connection with your calendar and already know the best route to take and in case of heavy traffic on the route notifies another party that you will be late. One can say that IoT allows for endless opportunities and connections to take place.

We can see that equipment is becoming more digitised and more connected, establishing networks between machines, humans and the internet. We are entering an age where data analytics, connectivity, and automation are creating innovations and progressing out of reach day-by-day. If we go to see manufacturing, transportation, utilities, healthcare, consumer electronics, retails, financial industries, energy, communication, these all industries are leading IoT investments and adoption. IoT created a new opportunity for industries to evolve and reach new markets.

Here are some remarkable statistics about the impact that IoT has on seven industries:

1. Manufacturing

As we all know more than companies in other industries, rely on heavy machinery to produce products which in return lead to a deep interest in understanding the performance of these machines. IoT is considered to be the driving force behind the industries. In addition to optimizing workflows and processes, it enables automation, data collection, and analytics. It can collect data on the status of the equipment that allows smart technologies to be put in place that allows for proactive maintenance or automated recovery after failures. This data can be exchanged with analytics programs that improve and iterate workflows and processes. With this manufacturer are seeing the greatest transitions from IoT.

2. Transportation

Every industry is investing in IoT, even transportation industry is heavily investing in it. IoT systems are playing a role in managing movement and logistics in transportation. Transportation vehicles are equipped with sensors that help monitor maintenance, optimize fuel consumption, and train drivers. Cameras and sensors may be placed along railroad tracks to monitor wear and tear on wheel assemblies. Vehicles can also monitor driving behaviour for insurance purposes. Digital data recorders are another facility that is programmed to take video samples under conditions of heavy acceleration.

3. Utilities

This industry was one of the early adopters of IoT. The IoT solutions help utility companies to more accurately and efficiently bill customers for consumption. Smart meters are developed that help track the amount of energy users of green technologies send back to the grid helping to incentivize the use of environmentally friendly energy. The oil and gas industry are also benefited from IoT solutions. It is also used within power generating plants to monitor equipment over time. Energy companies are turning to IoT solutions to monitor asset performance and enhance their customers’ experience to boost overall efficiency.

4. Healthcare

In the years to come, the Healthcare industry is that will experience the fastest spending growth in IoT. The healthcare industry has the vast use of IoT solutions that ranges from medical machines that capture images and share with patients, monitoring and troubleshooting problems with equipment, a system that can track dispensation of medicine and much more. Connecting such devices to the internet benefits patients by reducing errors and providing more data to doctors to improve diagnosis and quality of care. IoT solutions are also used for employee monitoring along with patient monitoring facilities and enhancing customer experiences.

5. Retail

As an impact of IoT, the retail world has changed. It can be predicted that in the coming years, rather than going to stores, people will soon be able to try on different outfits using augmented and virtual reality headsets. It’s not only that the fashion stores will change but also the farming and food consumption, a supermarket that is also set to drastically alter their retail approach. Supermarkets will have an abundance of low-cost products, which can be produced only as and when they are required by consumers ultimately leading to saving food wastage and over-stocking of perishable goods.

6. Financial Service

When it comes to financial service organisations they are highly concerned with security and therefore increasingly rely on networks of cameras to ensure the viability of their facilities. Companies in this sector are well ahead of visual analytics adoption. The most important goal of the financial industry is to expand the connectivity of their networks along with employing IoT as a vehicle for greater security. Both banks and consumers are becoming more accustomed to managing their financial transactions through a variety of connected devices. With the help of IoT, devices businesses can measure risk a lot more accurately, helping insurance firms to cost their decisions with a greater degree of precision.

7. Consumer electronics and cars

Observations say that this is the 4th largest IoT market segment in 2016 and is projected to become the 3rd largest segment in 2020. A proven example could be the rise of home and office automation systems and digital assistants such as the Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Most people invest in fully connected homes and offices for a better and convenient living.

Connected cars are also an IoT industry leader. For example, every General Motors car produced today has IoT functionalities that allow drivers to gain information and connect to the internet. In the next coming five years, connected vehicles and smart buildings are predicted to rank among the top industry segment for IoT adoption.

As you can see every industry has the potential to reap the benefits from IoT. The flexibility of IoT technology makes them useful in a wide variety of applications. IoT offers industries the opportunity to increase automation and improve data processing and analytics. IoT devices are driving and will continue to drive change in a variety of industries over the coming years.

How Acuiti Labs can help?

No matter what industry you own, IoT will have some or the other capabilities to offer for your business to get it simplified. It’s time to leverage IoT to gain competition in your marketing and flourish in the sector. If you are looking forward to adopting IoT for a certain reason Acuiti Labs have got a team of experts working on customising IoT solutions according to the requirement of the clients. So, if you are interested to know more about the services offered at Acuiti Labs or you have any quarries and requirements regarding IoT solutions, contact us at

Cloud Connected Security Camera ‘CAPTARE’ – Best investment to keep your premises safe

When it is about safeguarding your home or other similar premises, security camera is the first thing that strike our minds. We all know that one and the most obvious reason to choose these cameras is to remain cautious about any suspicious activity that might occur in the range of the cameras and ensure 100% safety.
A lot depends on the quality of the security camera that you use and what is the purpose of using that camera. The camera requirement can also vary based on its usage. Some might use it to keep a check of the family members or pets via mobile phone, others might just need to talk to a visitor that has come home in their absence. But the ultimate requirement is to be aware of what’s going on there when you are not physically present.
However, not all the connected cameras are cloud controlled and smart enough to identify the difference between what’s suspicious and what’s not. Captare – An Acuiti Labs’ smart product with intelligent security camera is fully controlled by cloud and its smarter algorithms that are specially crafted to give you utmost security when you are not around. It is capable of sending real time alerts to the mobile, immediately after recognising any suspicious person or object.

Captare – Not just Camera, but combination of Camera & Sensor

Captare is nothing but a small self-contained security video device which is a combination of cloud compute platform and mobile application. The device has a built-in video camera, a sensing device, communication hardware, and in-built video analytic capabilities. It operates both overtly and covertly and delivers real-time alerting via Cloud-based video analytics on locally captured video triggered by any suspicious events.

How does this Security Device work?

The device completely works on the pre-defines intelligent algorithms that are set on the cloud platform which is directly connected to the camera. As this camera device comes with a built-in video image capability, it clicks pictures upon being triggered by any movement. The clicked imagery is then sent to cloud, where Artificial Intelligence runs preselected algorithms to determine the reason behind why the camera was triggered.
Now you might be thinking about the trigger happening because of your kid playing in the garden or by your pets’ activities. But, as mentioned earlier all this is defined in the algorithms with the help of AI’s facial recognition feature. You can upload the pictures of known people and pets etc. so that even though the pictures are being clicked and being sent to the cloud by the device, but no notification is sent to the mobile app.
In case of the video imagery that does not matches to any of the input, an alarm is immediately sent to the mobile application in the form of app notification, an email and an SMS along with the Image of the suspicious person or object. Yes, this security device will notify you about any suspicious movement directly on your mobile, and help you take any necessary precautionary measures.
The end to end process mainly consists of the different activities performed by the major components of this AI based intelligent security camera device:

  • Captare Device: Capture the image or video. It can operate both overtly and covertly and is intended to deliver real-time alarming / alerting via cloud-based video analytics on locally captured image / video triggered by events
  • Captare Cloud Platform: Admin configuration panel and AI based video analytics. Receives the captured image / video on the cloud and runs some AI based analytics which then alerts the mobile (smart phones) of the relevant people.
  • Captare Mobile Application: Alert and monitoring application which is designed to receive alert from the cloud system after the appropriate validation of the images / videos.

Smart Logics of Captare

  • Face Recognition:This is one of the most important features of this smart device ‘captare’. This can help you in uploading a list of imagery of the known people and objects in the algorithm so that it does not trigger and send the notification on the mobile app when any of these comes in the range of the camera. But, on the basis on facial recognition, it will definitely trigger and send message if any stranger is observed in the range of the camera.
  • Object Detection:Other important aspect of the device is that it has the capability of detecting objects with the help of smart AI algorithms on which the entire system works. For example, if a burglar that is trying to cross the fence of your premises is carrying some dangerous armaments like gun etc. you will be immediately get a notification along with the warning about the gun. The gun is recognised with the help of object detection techniques on which our smart security device works.

Why should you use CAPTARE as a real-time security device for you?

Captare and Acuiti Labs, Best Combination – Acuiti Labs have a great deal of experience in video analytics and with the launch of device like ‘Captare’ we’ve made it clear that Acuiti Labs and Captare together offers the perfect security for your house while you are away.

Simple, yet effective security device – Captare can detect specific events and raise alarms in real-time which could be great service to the security industry, retail, industry and banking. Plus, a simple version could be deployed in homes, garages etc. to detect unwanted behaviour.

Get real-time notifications, right to your mobile device –As convenient as this; you are getting notified about any suspicious movement in the area where the camera is installed right on your mobile phone irrespective of your location. All you need is the internet connectivity in your mobile device and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home.

Benefit of custom alerts – Get alerts of only those activities that you want. The algorithms that cloud uses to send the notifications to you, understands special AI techniques of facial recognition and object detection with the help of which only notifies you only when something real happens and not when your pet is playing in the garden of your house.

Clip/Image sharing ability – Security cameras are of best use only if they have the capability to quickly share the images. Captare’s mobile application makes it very easy to share an image through SMS, email and even through latest social media applications. This could help you in catching a robber around your house. This is a fact that Burglars or other visitors with wrong intensions keep returning to the same area over and over again. So, a video clip that is captured through captare could provide help to your local police in identifying and catching them.

Always be up to date – We completely understand that installing security cameras are mostly a one-time investment and you are definitely not going to buy it again and again. Captare camera and the complete system works on the latest AI technologies and we keep on updating the algorithms and solutions frequently. In case of any upgrade additions of any new feature, the mobile app will receive a notification about the update, and you can do it without any extra or hidden charge. This ensures longer life, and better value of the device.

Professional Support whenever required – We know that Security cameras like captare requires professional assistance and support. Acuiti labs provides complete support, right from positioning and fixing your cameras on day one, to maintaining them for through years, CAPTARE and Acuiti Labs service provider takes the responsibility of everything including Installation, Configuration, monitoring and maintenance.

Setting up the Captare Device –

All that you need to set up the camera and the entire device is just a mobile application. Before you start using the camera, you will have to install the mobile app of Captare. Once you have the app in your device you can easily navigate through the steps of installing the complete device. But apart from this if you are looking for more sophisticated corporate systems, there will be a full pc interface for configuration and reporting.

Get started with all the more intelligent Security Device – Captare
Contact Acuiti Labs today and get the intelligent camera installed to ensure complete safety of your home or similar premises. Visit the website for more details and also get an overview of our other smart products.

Artificial Intelligence Future – How’s AI going to change the world in coming time?

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is one of the most rapidly growing technologies today and “it is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind” – AI oracle and venture capitalist Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, 2018.

Artificial Intelligence Future

If we talk about present time, there is no industry and no human being whose life has not been impacted by AI in some or the other way. Artificial intelligence can be considered as the major driving force of the latest and emerging technologies like big data, robotics and IoT, and in the future also, we are sure that it will continue to be an important contributor and technological innovator for the predictable future.

Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before – as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.

Max Tegmark, President of the Future of Life Institute

Talking about Artificial intelligence future, we are pretty much sure that AI is emerging as another consistently growing technology in our lives, just like the internet, electricity, and combustion use to be a few decades back. Days are not far when Artificial Intelligence will become an important part of human lives that will support us in carrying out small and big day to day tasks.

AI today is not confined for the machines that only helps in carrying out physical tasks, like it used to be at the time of industrial revolution but, it’s growing towards working on accomplishing things like thinking, planning, strategising and making decisions.

How is AI changing the world and how fast is it Evolving?

It’s from past 20 years that the technology of AI has been continually evolving and astonishing us with various new innovations. Today, AI is categorised as a mature technology that is capable of changing the face of the world. Due to its faster growth and high-tech innovations, many \organisations are actively opting for AI in one or the different way.

“By 2030, most social situations will be facilitated by bots — intelligent-seeming programs that interact with us in human-like ways. At home, parents will engage skilled bots to help kids with homework and catalyze dinner conversations. At work, bots will run meetings. A bot confidant will be considered essential for psychological well-being, and we’ll increasingly turn to such companions for advice ranging from what to wear to whom to marry.”Judith Donath, Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society

This might sound superficial, but the way AI has grown in the past time and has impacted our lives, we should be ready for more surprises that Artificial intelligence future might bring to us.

Today, there are many organisations that are indulge on various AI projects and are giving a new meaning to the future of technology. We have seen some really interesting examples like AI-driven driverless cars, facial recognition feature, AI auto pilot mode in commercial flights, deep-learning neural networks in the workplace etc. that makes us believe that Artificial Intelligence future is definitely beyond our imagination and will keep surprising us with such amazing innovations.

Artificial Intelligence future can be truly unbelievable, as it has the potential to transform the industry by implementing latest technologies like ML in best possible way, but to see this turn into reality we cannot just wish for it to happen on its own. In order see it happen and create a better world, it’s very important to have the necessary resources and also expertise to work on it effectively with full dedication. The major requirement for AI to grow today is to have the right people, people with the caliber to utilise right and necessary tools at the right time.

A lot of businesses and people are expecting to see some major breakthroughs in AI in the coming years. However, we still have to wait for some more years for the time when we can live a fully autonomous life and can call it “Artificial Intelligence future”. There are still a bunch of researchers who are busy exploring various approaches and possibilities that is eventually helping us keep up with AI. A few examples include driverless cars, auto-pilot mode, deep neural networks, and reinforcement learning. In general, most of the researchers thinks that the more sophisticated machine learning techniques, including those used in areas like auto-driven cars, deep neural networks etc. might take some more time to evolve. Still, it’s been experienced that even in this era of quick AI evolution, researchers have gained success in finding surprising ways to improve things by the minute.

Future Expectations of AI technology –

We have already discussed that how in-spite of many new technological innovations that have changed our lives, AI has the bought the most exciting changes and still making our lives better. It’s not that AI is a new concept to us, but a few recent innovations have made the technology even more adaptable. Looking into Artificial Intelligence future, it’s easy to expect a world in which AI is going to play even more significant role changing the day to day lives of humans.

Most promising Artificial Innovations the world can witness in coming Future:

  1. Getting more advanced with Self Driving Cars: Self-driving cars have already begun to make their way on the roadways in many parts of the world, still we can expect AI technology to bring more advancements considerably in the coming time. The ultimate goal of utilizing AI and creating a much safer and entirely automated self-driving car.
  2. AI and robotics emerging together: The time is not far when incorporating AI technology into robotics is going to be possible. If this happens, we humans will be able to enhance our own bodies, giving ourselves greater strength, longevity, and endurance.
  3. Fully functional Robots will be seen in action with the help of AI: The most awaited innovation of AI is to see a fully functional Robots. Though, we have seen a few of them till date but in addition to helping us enhance our bodies, Artificial intelligence future technology is anticipated to help us create artificial lifeforms in the form fully functional Robots.
  4. AI in future is also going to impact our lives on personal level: we have already started taking the benefits of Artificial intelligence in our personal lives as it has now made its way into many homes. But in the future, AI and its technological innovations will become essential in most households.

As we are moving closer toward being a part of the technologically driven society, Artificial Intelligence future applications and innovations is already all set to fulfill its promise of simplifying our lives with computers. AI future clearly indicates that new technologies will be an important source of making our lives happier and healthier, at the same time contributing in conserving time, energy, and money.

Major sectors that will be impacted by AI in future –

  • Travel and Transportation
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Heavy Industries
  • Customer Services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Food industries

What are the Artificial intelligent and Machine Learning Solutions that Acuiti Labs can help your business with –

Vehicle-based Intelligent Safety Systems – ADAS is a smart feature that can tune your car to have a clear understanding your surrounding environments that can include roads, people, and obstacles. Acuiti Labs vast experience in video analytics and computer vision has helped us in greatly improving the real-time performance of ADAS and therefore providing better and improve road safety. With expertise in both back-end systems and in-vehicle UI, we are the perfect automotive software partner.

Video Analytics & AI: The new frontier of Retail Intelligence – In the past few years, global digital transformation has increased the pace of retail innovation. It is a fact that brick & mortar retail are struggling and loss by theft is costing the UK economy hundreds of millions every year. But the retailers who have adopted video analytics & AI have started earning significant benefits in both reducing big losses by theft and has also improved customer intelligence.

Asset Management and Remote Inspection – The inspection systems that use artificial intelligence technology have completely transformed the way inspections are performed in modern enterprises. Today, mostly the inspections are automated that uses a hosting of software applications and hardware like drones etc. to record video, capture and generate thousands of images and subsequently analyse, visualise and act upon that data through video analytics.

Acuiti Labs Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions are built around the latest technologies, and our highly experience team is capable of applying these technologies within a range of various industries.

Acuiti Labs at Mobile World Congress (MWC) – Experiences and Insights

Acuiti Labs recently participated in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which took place from Monday 25th to Thursday 28th February, in the events center La Fira, Barcelona, Spain.This event brought leading-edge technologies from more than 2,400 leading companies from all around the globe together, all which displayed innovative solutions for a wide range of audiences from tech, automotive, manufacturing, publishing and marketing backgrounds.The most talked about tech during this event was Artifical Intelligence (AI) and 5G.

Acuiti Labs’ Products at MWC

Our technical team presented two unique products of our own which received an overwhelming response from the crowd at MWC 2019:

  • Acuiti Video Player
  • Captare

What are these products, and how do they work?

1) Acuiti Video Player

First of its kind, an Artificial Intelligence enabled video player. This product is a unique player which can be embedded onto the front end or back-end as per the use case. It operates on speech-based search, which finds video Neural Networks based on speech recognition, object and people recognition, making it one of the most forward-thinking innovations in the fiend of (AI).

Features which distinguish the Acuiti Video Player from any other video player in the market:

  • High quality of speech-based search and finding the video using Neural Networks based speech recognition.
  • You can directly pick up from any point in the video by simply using certain words or phrases which match objects or people.
  • This video player comes with play backwards and fast-backwards functions.

2) Captare Security

Captare is a security device which comes with a built-in video image capability.It takes images upon being triggered by some movement.The clicked imagery is then sent to cloud, where Artificial Intelligence runs preselected algorithms to determine the reason behind why the camera was triggered.Based on the conclusion, an alarm is immediately sent to a mobile device along with the clicked image.Yes, this security device will notify you about any suspicious movement directly on your mobile, and help you take any precautionary measures necessary.

Captare devices can be easily be set up using a mobile application, but for more sophisticated corporate systems, there will be a full pc interface for configuration and reporting.

Our favourite products at the event

The Huawei Mate X is certainly the most interesting device from amongst the all we’ve seen, and undoubtedly, the competition was fierce. Foldable phones might be viewed as futuristic for now, but by the end of this year, we might see these devices in the hands of ordinary people. Apart from Huawei Mate X, have a look at some other exciting products at the show:

  • Microsoft HoloLens 2
  • LG DualScreen
  • Nokia 9 PureView
  • Sony Xperia 1
  • Xiaomi Mi 9
  • Huawei Matebook X Pro
  • Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

MWC 2019 Highlights

The MWC 2019 was one of the largest mobile phone shows, packed with huge announcements from major companies operating within the smartphone space. Acuiti Labs witnessed some amazing innovations based on latest technologies such as new form factors (especially foldable designs), new chipsets, latest battery solutions and 5G.

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