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Join the Subscription Economy Revolution
with SAP Subscription Billing

The SAP Subscription Billing solution provides businesses of all sizes with flexibility to offer services on subscription and meet changing business needs with speed, and agility. This solution personalises the customer journey for each individual user, enabling companies to successfully build, maintain and promote customer loyalty.

About SAP Subscription Billing

SAP Subscription Billing is a Cloud platform which makes generating recurring and usage-based billing data and customer relationship management easy to understand, monitor and analyse. The nature of the platform makes it one of the most scalable solutions for a subscription-based business model and can easily be integrated with other Cloud solutions such as SAP Sales Cloud.

SAP Subscription Billing

SAP Subscription Billing

Key Features

Simplify Subscription Management

Enable your sales reps to quickly create and edit orders with the right mix of subscription products and services, offer discounts and trial periods.

Consumption Based Billing

Easily import consumption data from your metering service in real-time or in batch. Automatically aggregate consumption data for each metric and for a given billing period.

Flexible Business Models

Easily design your business models with the right mix of subscriptions, one-time fees, and usage based charges, complex pricing. Create personalised bundle of products and service.

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