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Meet Sales Challenges with SAP Sales Cloud

The SAP Sales Cloud helps businesses in aligning their sales process with the buying journey of the customers. Its portfolio includes solutions that B2B and B2C businesses can utilize to build, maintain and convert leads into sales qualified opportunities in a smart and efficient manner, reducing the overall length of sales cycles.

SAP Sales Cloud Allows you to

Close More Deals Faster

Make every interaction with your customer’s count and make each step of their buying journey meaningful with SAP’s easy-to-use Sales Cloud Solution.

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Going Beyond Quote-to-Cash with SAP

‘Quote-to-Cash’, QTC or Q2C, is the process of product or service selection, pricing, quoting, contracting, invoicing, payments, and contract management. Acuiti Labs uses SAP cloud solutions to deliver Q2C strategies for their clients using bespoke strategies based on business requirements and innovation opportunities.

In the new world ‘Quote-to-Cash’ process is becoming one of the key process that supports the revenue management.

An efficient Q2C process is instrumental in reducing the sales cycle and closing deals faster.

Using SAP cloud solutions Acuiti Labs can help you manage this process in a highly integrated and effective manner across products, services and geographies.

SAP Sales Cloud

Empower Your Sales Team with SAP Sales Cloud

Complete Customer Journeys

SAP Sales Cloud always delivers the right offer, through the right channel and at the right time with efficient and targeted campaigns. Every interaction increases customer satisfaction.

SalesForce Automation

In SAP CRM solution, the sales employees can easily access necessary information and data which enhance every customer interaction.

Regardless of the device, the data is available at any time, even with a poor internet connection. It allows your sales team to focus on opportunities, that are helpful in improving the customer relationships.

Centralized Participation

With SAP Sales Cloud, you connect people and participate in sharing your knowledge and advance topics to improve sales interaction which reduces the length of sales cycles. Centralized participation and Intelligent networking within your organization promises and helps in more productivity.

Lead and opportunity management

Customer engagements improve the lead and opportunity management capabilities.

AI is used by all the lead analysts to check the possibility of which of your prospects will become a real sales opportunity. Best-practiced sales techniques can be enabled using the flexibility of activity and opportunity management.

Sales achievement management

We can use current and available data to advance your sales planning with the help of SAP Sales Cloud. The performance and pipeline information are available anywhere and anytime to provide an outlook on the expected development of your sales funnel.

Your sales team can plan sales areas and quotes to create meaningful forecasts, making it possible to implement changes in real-time while maintaining control over all processes. As an analysis tool too, it compares the sales results, uncovers trends, and increases the performance of the sales team in the long run. You can realize the full potential of your employees by being in control.

Absolute Reporting

To make reliable decisions, you should need advanced analysis and a real-time reporting tool. SAP Sales Cloud provides you with a current interpretation sense that you can easily use at any time. With the help of this, you're always one step ahead and can assert yourself in highly competitive markets.

Up and Cross-selling

It is always good practice to know what your customers want. With SAP Sales Cloud you know in detail about your customers, you know everything about their purchase history, interests, or current trends, enabling you to develop up & cross-selling methodologies at an early stage. This increases customer faith and thus your sales.


SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud is an extensive customer service solution that supports great customer experiences and contact center efficiency. It is a full-blown CRM solution in the cloud. SAP Sales Cloud is available for sales managers on any terminal – online and offline, as it bundles all customer data in one system. It is a CRM solution that relieves your sales team of administrative tasks and helps them to get more time for the customers. To address and face current challenges, SAP Sales Cloud permits sales professionals to:

  • Obtain deep customer insights
  • Be familiar with less effort
  • Spend more time in selling rather than reporting

The SAP Sales Cloud offers a complete and consistent user experience to help clients fully engage with their customers in real-time. SAP Sales Cloud provides you with analysis at the touch of a button so that sales managers can keep an eye on opportunities with a high probability of sales deals. SAP Sales Cloud provides the platform for the sales process to be uniform and controlled worldwide.

The SAP CRM system maps the complete sales process, from the opportunity to order. Even sales planning can be easily displayed and edited in this platform.

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