Acuiti Subscription Manager
Acuiti subscriptions Manager

Omnichannel app to enable self-serve and manage subscriptions for your customers

A user-centric omnichannel app (for Web, iOS, and Android platform) that provides a self-serve platform for your customers to manage their subscriptions and invoices, make payments, raise requests, and more. It is tightly integrated with SAP Backend Service.

  • ASM Solution Type – Extensions and Add-ons
  • Works with – SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP
Key benefits

Benefits and Features

Simplify the subscription management process for your customers

An innovative, user-centric app (web & mobile), designed for subscription-based businesses to provide a complete self-serve platform for their customers. A one-stop solution to manage all subscriptions from a single platform.

Manage and view subscriptions & related functions

An advanced cloud-native solution that allows the end customers to buy and self-manage their subscriptions, make payments, raise disputes, and manage the subscription lifecycles.​ Allows customers to effortlessly manage all subscriptions from a single platform.

Create and manage business-to-business agreements

Offers additional benefits for your business-to-business customers, such as allowing them to create & manage Business-to-Business agreements, & products to the agreement with negotiated prices and add subscriptions to agreements, and manage the subscriptions in self-care/agent-assisted mode.

Keep your customers updated by sending alerts and notifications

Keep your customers updated by sending alerts and notifications. Provide them with the benefit of receiving timely alerts and notifications on the web or mobile app so that they never miss a payment or miss out on the latest offers.

Manage new or existing disputes easily

Allows the customers to raise and manage disputes in one place while the portal is tightly integrated with the back end to ensure complete visibility and tracking from both customer and provider ends.

Access all subscription related information from a single place

Help businesses in providing the customers with the ease of managing their subscriptions, payments, disputes, and a lot more through a single platform (application available for web and mobile).


Provide flexible payment choices to your customers

Offer your customers with easy and flexible payment choices where they can choose from multiple payment methods such as debit and credit card, UPI, and various available wallets.

Raise / Manage Disputes in one click

A platform that allows your customers to raise disputes if they disagree with the existing bill/amount they are asked to pay. Once the dispute is raised, customers can manage it until is settled and closed.


View and manage invoices, make and set up recurring payments

The invoice tab allows users to check all the details of their invoices like amount, due date, bill status, and bill number and download these if they want. The ‘Pay Now’ option allows users to make direct payments from here just by selecting the checkboxes for which payment needs to be made.


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pricing Packages

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Free Trial
Free for 30 Days
Subscription Billing
£ 9,000 Per Month
£ 5000 Per Month
addl. non-productive tier Small-2CPU/15GB/05TB
£ 333.00 per month
addl. non-productive tier Med-4CPU/30GB/1TB
£ 675.00 Per Month
addl. non-productive tier Large-8CPU/61GB/2TB
£ 1
Per Month
addl. productive tier Small-4CPU/30GB/1TB
675.00 per month
addl. productive tier Med-8CPU/61GB/2TB
£ 1
Per Month
addl. productive tier Large-16CPU/122GB/4TB
£ 2
Per Month

Technical Information

General technical information about Acuiti Subscription Manager

Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP S/4 HANA
  • ERP and Finance / SAP S/4 HANA

ASM Deployment

Cloud Solution
This product is designed to be delivered over a network as a cloud service.

Deployed on server
This product is an on-premise/hosted solution designed to be downloaded and deployed on a server.

Deployed at scale on device
This product is designed to be downloaded and deployed at scale on devices (e.g. mobile applications, intelligent agents, etc.)

Integrates with SAP Cloud solutions
This product integrates with SAP cloud solutions using standard SAP-approved interfaces and APIs.

Software-as-a-Service solution

This product is delivered online as a subscription service.

User Assistance provided

Assistance is provided to enable all target users to install configure, and use the solution.


Service Levels >99.5%
This product achieves operational performance levels of 99.5% or greater.
High availability and disaster recovery
This product has been designed to ensure minimal service interruption and quick restoration of service in the event of a disruption.
Meets SAP Store recommended Service Levels
This product meets SAP Store-recommended service levels.
Meets recommended data lifecycle management standards
This product meets SAP Store-recommended standards for data lifecycle management and data destruction.
Multi-tenant solution with full isolation and encryption
This product utilizes a multi-tenant architecture with complete isolation and encryption of customer account data, policy and configuration settings.
Meets recommended support levels
This product meets SAP Store-recommended standards for support levels and turnarounds.
Auditable logging and tracing
This product offers auditable logging and tracing capabilities to aid in debugging and troubleshooting.


Disaster Recovery capabilities in place for products where contractual commitments exist
DR Plans are documented, available and tested regularly to ensure contractual agreements for RTO, RPO, MTPD are followed.
Maintains a thorough product incident response and patching process
Delivers fixes and/or advisories related for security vulnerabilities publicly known or reported by external sources.
Provides encrypted communication connections
Cryptographic protocols and algorithms with strong keys are used to protect and encrypt sensitive data whether persistent or transferred via any channel.
Follows the secure software development and operations lifecycle (SDLC)
Secure practices include design, architecture, implementation, test, release preparation, shipment, operations, and support. Open-Source components run latest version.
Enforced with international or industry standard configurable authentication policies
Credentials are protected during transfer by secure channels or protocols. Any mechanisms provided for authentication are sufficiently strong and free of vulnerabilities.


This product complies with European Union requirements for GDPR.
EU data privacy
This product complies with European Union requirements for data privacy.
ISO 27001 (Information Security Management)
This product meets the standards for information security management specified by ISO 27001.
ISO 27034 (Application Security)
This product meets the standards for application security specified by ISO 27034.
Functional correctness
This product has been tested for functional correctness using real-life business scenarios of customers.


Localized for business best practices
This product has been localized to incorporate local business best practices (e.g. support for local currencies).
Internationalized for global customers
This product has been internationalized to meet the needs of global customers (e.g. the use of Unicode).



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