Acuiti LabsUse Cases

Acuiti LabsUse Cases

Acuiti Use Cases


SAP C4C - Real Estate Consulting

Deployed a cloud-based sales & service automation solution. Helped to deliver right product at right place with application mobility support & improved visit planning.


SAP CPQ Billing - Hightech Pharma

Deployed a fully integrated solution using CPQ, SBS, CPI and back end ERP. Helped to quickly offer required product configurations, optimised pricing followed by a quote generation.


SAP CPQ Billing - Professional Services

Deployed SAP CPQ and Subscription Billing integrated with CRM (C4C) that automated contract creation process and helped with multiple billing cycles of contract & creation of usage data.


SAP CX Billing - Airports

Deployed CX Commerce with SAP BRIM integrated with backend ERP system to handle large volume of data & complex pricing. Decreased operational costs of billing and collections as percentage of revenue.


SAP CX Billing - Connected Car

Deployed SAP CX Commerce, Marketing & BRIM to enable one-click payment for services to simplify processes for drivers. Reduced deployment time of new connected car services from months to weeks.

Media and Entertainment - Use Case

SAP CX Billing - Media

Deployed CX C4C, Cloud solutions CX Data Mediation, Commerce and Subscription Billing to help with data enrichment and validation. Provided provision of performing usage and recurring based billing.