Converting old data into desired formats

Our streaming experts and transcoding services ensure that thousands of hours of content around the globe is delivered in perfect quality to support modern content-enabled businesses. Transcoding process involve decoding and re-encoding video data into desired format. Live Streaming and on demand streaming became more popular due to online audience demand.


Transcoding and Streaming

Acuiti Labs provide transcoding capability as well as supporting any unknown formats that cannot be converted using standard transcoders. Currently, in the market, there are thousands of formats developed by different CCTV manufacturers and other sources, these formats are mostly proprietary and cannot be viewed and decoded by standard players/decoders. Acuiti Labs make ingestion issues a thing of the past with unparalleled expertise in reverse engineering proprietary codecs.

Acuiti Labs provide support for the development and maintenance of different streaming server solutions. We also support live streaming, VOD (video on demand), desktop, web and mobile app development.

Streaming technologies we support:

  • Wowza Media Server
  • KMS (Kurento Media Server)
  • Gstreamer based server
  • WebRTC
what we offer

Key Features



We are experts in Low- latency video streaming, that has become the minimum requirement to high quality streaming, specially for live streaming scenarios like – video chatting, sports streaming etc. Streaming is a technology used to deliver content to computers and mobile
devices over the internet.


The Codec War

Rising consumption of more immersive video content across industries with higher resolutions and greater demand for quality has pressured the industry into innovating ever more efficient video compression techniques. Enter the next generation of codecs: JEM (Joint Exploration Model), XVC, VVC (Versatile Video Coding), AV1.



Transcoding the process that converts a video file from one format to another to make media viewable across different platforms and devices. Transmuxing involves changing the way that audio/video packets are organised, without changing the audio/video data itself


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