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SAP Leonardo

Intelligent Business Solutions with SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo is a SAP advanced solution which to helps organisations along their digital transformation journey in an efficient, smart and safe way. The solutions unique approach comprises of intelligent microservices, technologies, APIs, and accelerators that can help your business to interact with clients, carrying out multiple operations and managing deliveries.

SAP Leonardo (ML) -
What Acuiti Labs Offer?

Following are the Machine Learning services based on SAP Leonardo that Acuiti Labs can help you with –

  • We have developed our own algorithm in TensorFlow and Keras for custom use cases. These algorithms are used for image classifications, text analytics etc.
  • We have retrained the image and text analytics Leonardo algorithms to Improve accuracy/results for custom image classification.
  • Integration of Leonardo’s custom services that are pre-trained for image analytics (image classification, object detection, face detection etc.), text analytics (topic detection, text similarity, etc.
SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo

Key Features

Machine Learning (ML)

With the help of algorithms, the solution receives input data and analyses the material to retrieve and predict the most accurate results.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Transforms business models and operations by simplifying the process of collecting and analysing data through sensors and smart devices.

Advanced Analytics

Uses advanced tools, and embedded ML to get fast and accurate insights across businesses in
a flexible manner.

Big Data

Merges and place all data into a trusted location with the help of big data management and allows a single gateway from where businesses can manage all their data.

Data intelligence

Helps businesses connect data assets and transform them into critical business insights, using ML as a service (MLaaS) and
data orchestration services.


SAP Blockchain helps businesses to simplify complex, multi-party operations, and helps build trust amongst all users.

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