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SAP Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)

Intelligent Simplified Sales with SAP CPQ

With the help of pricing-behavior intelligence, SAP Configure Price and Quote can help companies forecast pricing trends while providing improved customer experience journeys. The platform can also be seamlessly integrated with any CRM and ERP platforms, making it versatile and scalable to meet business needs.


SAP Configure Price and Quote helps sales teams to deliver customised user experiences through competitive pricing, clear and conscience proposals and a variety of product configurations. The end-to-end solution speed up the sales cycle as it allows users to effortlessly sell through any channel at any time, improving the overall improved performance and efficiency.



Key Features


Increase Sales Efficiency

Sales reps can sell through multiple channels and generate proposal reports at a faster rate, allowing them to provide customers with appropriate pricing plans more efficiently.

Operational Effectiveness

Simplifies approval procedures, reduces the length of sales cycles and optimises
overall business performance.

Standard Integrations

Integrates seamlessly with your CRM, back end ERPs and with Variant Product Configuration. Allows, customer and material replication.

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