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In recent times, traditional billing models have been replaced and revolutionized by subscription and consumption-based business models. Buoyed by the impressive success of companies such as AWS, Netflix, Twilio, among others, companies across the enterprise arena have realized that this is the way forward. However, driving growth through innovative models is no easy task. Companies need to find a way to not only manage the billing process in a flexible and efficient way but be able to process higher transaction quantities without any disruptions or having to forego the integration of existing billing systems. This is where SAP’s Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) makes a world of difference, allowing companies to innovate with agility and increase transparency across the entire revenue management process. It enables businesses to benefit from a new revenue stream, closer customer relationships, and more predictable revenues. BRIM provides key back-office functionality for flexible service monetization, customer, and partner contract management for B2B and B3C, high-volume transaction metering and pricing, automation of billing and accounts receivable processes, and support for multi-sided platform business models. “Acuiti Labs is a modern age consulting firm to offer businesses with customized SAP solutions to resolve billing complexities and simplify the complete billing and invoicing procedure,” begins Manoj Harbhajanka, CEO, Acuiti Labs. Founded in 2015, Acuiti Labs is a London-based SAP consulting company, servicing clients globally for ‘Consume to Cash’ process transformation and optimization. Its vision is to build an organization that can deliver business change through process optimization, technology excellence, and an innovative mindset. As an SAP Certified Silver

Partner, Acuiti Labs offers business technology solutions and digital transformation deploying SAP BRIM (Billing) on S/4HANA and cloud-based applications such as Subscription Billing, CPQ & Entitlement Management. Acuiti Labs comes with the experience of multiple industry use cases to support the subscription and consumption-based Target Operating Models. This includes Mobility-as-aService (Travel using Public Transport and Private Vehicles), Tourism-as-aService (Hotels, Entertainment Parks), Ports-as-a-Service (Airports and Seaports), Postal-as-a-Service, Telcoas-a -service, and Software-as-a-Service. “Our core expertise and experience lie in providing reliable technology, enabling digital transformation for an intelligent enterprise, and offering business strategy consulting, and deploying innovative and efficient solutions. We are driven by innovation and appetite for delivering a great customer experience and measurable business value,” says Harbhajanka.

Acuiti Labs is a modern age consulting firm to offer businesses with customized SAP solutions to resolve billing complexities and simplify the complete billing and invoicing procedure

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Innovation is at the heart of everything that Acuiti Labs offer to its customers. The team has developed industry-specific accelerators for billing with the use of SAP BRIM technology that is built in the Cloud and leverages Machine Learning. These accelerators come with multiple IPR-based Industry solutions and accelerators to significantly improve the ‘time to market’ and ‘value realization.’ The accelerators include AcuitiMobi, AcuitiPay, AcuitiPort, AcuitiMedia, and AcuitiAirport—two of which are now available for businesses to purchase on the SAP App Store.

First on the list is AcuitiMobi, a Mobility-as-a-service application that offers a customer-centric platform for public transport, allowing individuals to plan and use multimodal transport seamlessly. It provides the on-demand, real-time capability for individuals to buy tickets, subscriptions, and passes. 

Acuiti Labs has also developed the world’s first end-to-end dedicated commerce, payments, billing, subscription, and data management platform for connected vehicles dubbed AcuitiPay—which was listed on the SAP App store in July 2021. It provides a ready-to-use platform that enables connected vehicle commerce with the use of new-age SAP technology. 


“Businesses can leverage immense benefits while they choose Acuiti Labs as their SAP consulting partner. We have always demonstrated exceptional standards of professionalism and ability to think outside-the-box to deliver best customized business solutions. We come with specialist knowledge of the business and technology expertise that is second to none,” prides Harbhajanka. Being always focused on the best outcome for the clients they serve, the company believes in developing a longterm trusted relationship with an emphasis on value realization and monetization of digital assets and strategies. 

With such robust offerings, Acuiti Labs operates globally, having a strong physical presence in Europe, North America, Japan, and India. “We aim to serve in the best interest of the clients and provide them with the foundation of lifelong relationship based on trust and integrity,” concludes Harbhajanka.

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