AcuitiMobi App by Acuiti Labs Now Part of SAP’s Industry Cloud Portfolio for the Travel and Transportation Industry

Company delivers an on-demand MaaS (Mobility-as-a service) application for public transport users

London, UK – November XX, 2021 – Acuiti Labs announced today that its AcuitiMobi application, available on SAP® Store, is now part of SAP’s industry cloud portfolio for the travel and transportation industry. The MaaS (Mobility-as-a service) application enables account-based travel instead of old school ticket-based travel. The on-demand application works in real-time to offer complete flexibility to public transport users.

As part of SAP’s Industry Cloud portfolio for various verticals, AcuitiMobi is an early adopter of SAP’s technologies by providing a unique solution for the travel and transportation industry, focusing on mobility operator’s quest in their move to a MaaS paradigm.

MaaS requires collaboration and coordination, both in a physical sense and contractual sense. Physically, the different modes need to be orchestrated in a way that ensures the end customer gets from A to B seamlessly. Contractually, all transport providers need to bring their services together and make a single view to the end customer in an automated way.

“The AcuitiMobi solution developed by Acuiti Labs complements our portfolio and addresses the MaaS opportunity for our customers in the travel and transportation industry,” commented Kevin Schock, Global VP Travel and Transportation Industries, SAP. “This is a prime example of how co-innovation between our organizations can deliver value for customers. We look forward to continued collaboration with Acuiti Labs to create innovative cloud solutions and applications for customers who want to drive cost-effective and sustainable growth in their industry.” 

Acuiti Labs, a leading consulting company focused on redefining consulting for the subscription and usage-based economy, reiterates its commitment to vertical industry solutions by building and delivering a MaaS solution as part of SAP’s industry cloud portfolio – AcuitiMobi.


How using AcuitiMobi can completely transform the way commuters use public transportation

As an account-based, customer-centric platform, AcuitMobi brings several modes together to help make the entire journey hassle-free and allow commuters to plan and use multi-modal transport seamlessly.

It offers on-demand capability for individuals to buy entitlements, subscriptions, “pay-as-you-go” and passes with complete flexibility and easy payment options. This can transform the travellers’ experience.

The app comes with very simple navigation choices which can guide its users to choose required multi-modal transport options at their convenience and make their journeys comfortable and enjoyable. It has everything that a user needs as part of an effortless a stress-free travel experience.

Why AcuitiMobi?

With several choices available to travellers, mobility operators need to address the travelling preferences of their customers including the need for green and clean options. AcuitiMobi takes a step closer towards an ideal transport mode provision to suit the needs of the end customer. AcuitiMobi MaaS solution enhances the public transport experience by enabling various types of modes available to the end customer, while taking care of the financial and contractual arrangement of transport modes in automated fashion.

AcuitiMobi addresses the rapid digital evolution of public transportation fare management systems to account based approaches by bringing industry proven subscription-based billing models that have already brought in several benefits for customers in various industries .

AcuitiMobi is a unique combination of Mobility-as-a-Service and SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management is a proven solution that is already supporting various industries in their newer business models for accounts, contracts, and subscription management across a wide range of industries. AcuitiMobi is built on SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management. Mobility operators will be able to provide a choice of subscription-based or consumptions-based billing options, a streamlined traveling experience, and a comfortable journey while using public transportation.

The company’s experience and competency in the ‘mobility-as-a-service’ market can help businesses that are looking for transformation and adoption of a new way of mobility by providing a clear view and a complete road map to move ahead in the same direction.

Benefits that AcuitiMobi offers to customers include –

  • Account-based travel rather than ticket-based travel
  • Easy pre-book, subscription, or consumption-based ‘pay-as-you-go’ model
  • A smart and efficient platform to use the city transport
  • Inbuilt features like smart route planning, personalized user experience, flexible payment choices, and QR code integration
  • Based on SAP S/4HANA® for billing and revenue innovations management technology, thus offering an innovative way to use public transportation

To enable companies to become intelligent enterprises, SAP is expanding its vertical solutions with an ecosystem of industry cloud solutions. These offerings complement the existing SAP portfolio to extend the value of joint customer investments. The solutions leverage SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), with advanced technologies, and are interoperable with SAP Business Network and the intelligent suite. AcuitiMobi has worked with SAP to create cloud offerings that meet specific travel and transportation industry requirements to provide customers with tools to help achieve positive business outcomes. Learn more at SAP Store.

About company

Acuiti Labs is a consulting firm that delivers business technology solutions and digital transformation deploying SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management on SAP S/4HANA® and cloud-based applications such as SAP Subscription Billing, SAP CPQ and SAP Entitlement Management. Acuiti Labs advises businesses on how they can leverage SAP solutions to deliver their business transformation in the space of billing, subscription and usage-based operation models and work with them to deploy, upgrade and maintain their chosen solutions. Acuiti Labs is a partner in the SAP PartnerEdge® program. The SAP PartnerEdge program provides the enablement tools, benefits, and support to facilitate building high-quality, disruptive applications focused on specific business needs – quickly and cost-effectively.

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Any statements in this release that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements as defined in the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties described in SAP’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC), including its most recent annual report on Form 20-F, that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations. SAP cautions readers not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements which SAP has no obligation to update and which speak only as of their dates.

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