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Machine Learning (ML) uses algorithms to allow systems to automatically learn and improve from experience, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) permits computer systems to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, both leading the way in smart digitalisation. Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions are built around these technologies, and our team is experienced in applying both technologies within a range of industries.


ML and AI

Our multimedia experts use ML and AI solutions to train camera systems, to perform behaviour-based analytics for people, vehicles, machines, and the environment depending on its observation of factors such as shape, size, colour, and speed. Our systems can recognise any changes in objects and human behaviour and reacts accordingly depending on the movement. The use of this camera-based behavioural intelligence has applications across a wide range of industries such as Security, Health Care, Retail, Policing and Media amongst others.

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Vehicle-based Intelligent Safety Systems

ADAS operates to tune cars to observe and understand their surrounding environments such as roads, people, and obstacles. Our experience in video analytics and computer vision allow us to greatly improve the real-time performance of ADAS and therefore improve road safety. With expertise in both back-end systems and in-vehicle UI, we are the perfect automotive software partner.


Video Analytics & AI: The new frontier of Retail Intelligence

In the past few years, global digital transformation has increased the pace of retail innovation. With brick & mortar retail struggling and loss by theft costing the UK economy alone hundreds of millions a year, Retailers who adopt video analytics & AI are started to earn significant benefits in both reduced losses by theft and improved customer intelligence.


Asset Management and Remote Inspection

AI-enabled inspection systems have transformed the way that inspections are performed in modern enterprises. Today inspections are increasingly automated, using a hosting of software applications and hardware like drones to record video, generate thousands of images and subsequently analyse, visualise and act upon that data
through video analytics.


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