Customised IoT Solutions to meet Business needs

The team at Acuiti Labs can define the most suitable IoT landscape for businesses who want to jumpstart their IoT journeys. After understanding your business needs, we can customise IoT solutions to address the issues while accelerating the time to market with low-risk and lock -in features.


Internet of Things (IoT)

The ubiquity of wireless communications, developments in modern hardware and the explosive growth and scale of cloud computing have given rise to IoT. IoT systems can help organisations monitor, control, optimise and automate their processes in a way that the world has never seen before. From healthcare, automotive & consumer electronics to industrial applications that connect sensors, RFID tags and beacons – Acuiti Labs helps organisations to build great user experiences, reduce operating costs and improve safety. Each industry and vertical has its own specific needs, with varying hardware, cloud & security needs – an off-theshelf solution is rarely fit for purpose. We at Acuiti Labs take a holistic approach to Internet of Things (IoT ) platforms, beginning by breaking up the requirement into specific business problems and working on a roadmap – from PoC to full production-quality system.

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IoT for Heavy Industry

Oil & Gas companies and other organisations in Heavy Industry have been slow to equip their workers with mobile technology, because historically the cost of entry has been relatively high and the ROI slow to realise. However, the paradox is that these same employee workers return home and use new technology every day, from their smartphone, voice-controlled home gadgets, and the latest computer games on smart TVs.


IoT for Surveillance

Live video surveillance and other remote security features have increased visibility for organizations that want to safeguard their people, assets, and buildings. The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping create safer cities, homes, and businesses by enabling both private and public organizations to securely and remotely monitor facilities and public spaces in real-time with smart security and surveillance solutions.


IoT for Health Care

(IoT)-enabled devices have made remote monitoring in the healthcare sector possible, unleashing the potential to keep patients safe and healthy, and empowering physicians to deliver superlative care. It has also increased patient engagement and satisfaction as interactions with doctors have become easier and more efficient.


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