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Acuiti Labs develop next-generation embedded solutions and systems engineering solutions to help businesses gain a competitive edge. Embedded software acts as instructions that permanently reside in a ROM or flash memory chip, and is immediately available to the CPU, or can be directly transferred to RAM for faster execution.


Embedded Solutions

Our end-to-end service enables our clients to rapidly create, launch and maintain connected devices, either independently or alongside a previous or Acuiti-built Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Our service covers the complete software stack of an embedded device, from device drivers to kernel services, multimedia, middle ware, connectivity and applications.

Embedded solutions contain a lot of hardware and that hardware has a variety of limitations such as memory, IO’s and different processing elements. There is a need to access those resources, manage them easily and efficiently based on the client’s use case.

There are multiple Operating Systems available for use in embedded systems like RTOS and Linux. The Kernel can be monolithic or micro, dependent on design. The key element of any embedded solution is choosing the appropriate OS – keeping in mind the Hardware and Software specifications. Putting the OS directly on Hardware is not always straight forward and requires customisation to the Board Support Package.

We support most open source software platforms including Android™, and embedded Linux®.

what we offer

Key Features


Linux Porting

We support OS/BSP Development and porting for Linux, primarily on ARM processors, and work on a variety of Linux flavours including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Redhat, Mandriva, and Suse.


HAL Libs Development

Includes all the routines required for hardware initialisation, interrupt handling, hardware timer, clock, and memory management. We can implement Seed and Key algorithms for security access to additional device drivers, and other services can be added to this library to meet any requirements.


Device Driver Development

Drivers support the different peripherals of the hardware including USB, GPS, touchscreen and more. These low-level drivers allow the OS Kernel to communicate with the hardware component, such as internal and external buses, CPU and memory.


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