Cloud Connected Security Camera ‘CAPTARE’ – Best investment to keep your premises safe

When it is about safeguarding your home or other similar premises, security camera is the first thing that strike our minds. We all know that one and the most obvious reason to choose these cameras is to remain cautious about any suspicious activity that might occur in the range of the cameras and ensure 100% safety.
A lot depends on the quality of the security camera that you use and what is the purpose of using that camera. The camera requirement can also vary based on its usage. Some might use it to keep a check of the family members or pets via mobile phone, others might just need to talk to a visitor that has come home in their absence. But the ultimate requirement is to be aware of what’s going on there when you are not physically present.
However, not all the connected cameras are cloud controlled and smart enough to identify the difference between what’s suspicious and what’s not. Captare – An Acuiti Labs’ smart product with intelligent security camera is fully controlled by cloud and its smarter algorithms that are specially crafted to give you utmost security when you are not around. It is capable of sending real time alerts to the mobile, immediately after recognising any suspicious person or object.

Captare – Not just Camera, but combination of Camera & Sensor

Captare is nothing but a small self-contained security video device which is a combination of cloud compute platform and mobile application. The device has a built-in video camera, a sensing device, communication hardware, and in-built video analytic capabilities. It operates both overtly and covertly and delivers real-time alerting via Cloud-based video analytics on locally captured video triggered by any suspicious events.

How does this Security Device work?

The device completely works on the pre-defines intelligent algorithms that are set on the cloud platform which is directly connected to the camera. As this camera device comes with a built-in video image capability, it clicks pictures upon being triggered by any movement. The clicked imagery is then sent to cloud, where Artificial Intelligence runs preselected algorithms to determine the reason behind why the camera was triggered.
Now you might be thinking about the trigger happening because of your kid playing in the garden or by your pets’ activities. But, as mentioned earlier all this is defined in the algorithms with the help of AI’s facial recognition feature. You can upload the pictures of known people and pets etc. so that even though the pictures are being clicked and being sent to the cloud by the device, but no notification is sent to the mobile app.
In case of the video imagery that does not matches to any of the input, an alarm is immediately sent to the mobile application in the form of app notification, an email and an SMS along with the Image of the suspicious person or object. Yes, this security device will notify you about any suspicious movement directly on your mobile, and help you take any necessary precautionary measures.
The end to end process mainly consists of the different activities performed by the major components of this AI based intelligent security camera device:

  • Captare Device: Capture the image or video. It can operate both overtly and covertly and is intended to deliver real-time alarming / alerting via cloud-based video analytics on locally captured image / video triggered by events
  • Captare Cloud Platform: Admin configuration panel and AI based video analytics. Receives the captured image / video on the cloud and runs some AI based analytics which then alerts the mobile (smart phones) of the relevant people.
  • Captare Mobile Application: Alert and monitoring application which is designed to receive alert from the cloud system after the appropriate validation of the images / videos.

Smart Logics of Captare

  • Face Recognition:This is one of the most important features of this smart device ‘captare’. This can help you in uploading a list of imagery of the known people and objects in the algorithm so that it does not trigger and send the notification on the mobile app when any of these comes in the range of the camera. But, on the basis on facial recognition, it will definitely trigger and send message if any stranger is observed in the range of the camera.
  • Object Detection:Other important aspect of the device is that it has the capability of detecting objects with the help of smart AI algorithms on which the entire system works. For example, if a burglar that is trying to cross the fence of your premises is carrying some dangerous armaments like gun etc. you will be immediately get a notification along with the warning about the gun. The gun is recognised with the help of object detection techniques on which our smart security device works.

Why should you use CAPTARE as a real-time security device for you?

Captare and Acuiti Labs, Best Combination – Acuiti Labs have a great deal of experience in video analytics and with the launch of device like ‘Captare’ we’ve made it clear that Acuiti Labs and Captare together offers the perfect security for your house while you are away.

Simple, yet effective security device – Captare can detect specific events and raise alarms in real-time which could be great service to the security industry, retail, industry and banking. Plus, a simple version could be deployed in homes, garages etc. to detect unwanted behaviour.

Get real-time notifications, right to your mobile device –As convenient as this; you are getting notified about any suspicious movement in the area where the camera is installed right on your mobile phone irrespective of your location. All you need is the internet connectivity in your mobile device and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home.

Benefit of custom alerts – Get alerts of only those activities that you want. The algorithms that cloud uses to send the notifications to you, understands special AI techniques of facial recognition and object detection with the help of which only notifies you only when something real happens and not when your pet is playing in the garden of your house.

Clip/Image sharing ability – Security cameras are of best use only if they have the capability to quickly share the images. Captare’s mobile application makes it very easy to share an image through SMS, email and even through latest social media applications. This could help you in catching a robber around your house. This is a fact that Burglars or other visitors with wrong intensions keep returning to the same area over and over again. So, a video clip that is captured through captare could provide help to your local police in identifying and catching them.

Always be up to date – We completely understand that installing security cameras are mostly a one-time investment and you are definitely not going to buy it again and again. Captare camera and the complete system works on the latest AI technologies and we keep on updating the algorithms and solutions frequently. In case of any upgrade additions of any new feature, the mobile app will receive a notification about the update, and you can do it without any extra or hidden charge. This ensures longer life, and better value of the device.

Professional Support whenever required – We know that Security cameras like captare requires professional assistance and support. Acuiti labs provides complete support, right from positioning and fixing your cameras on day one, to maintaining them for through years, CAPTARE and Acuiti Labs service provider takes the responsibility of everything including Installation, Configuration, monitoring and maintenance.

Setting up the Captare Device –

All that you need to set up the camera and the entire device is just a mobile application. Before you start using the camera, you will have to install the mobile app of Captare. Once you have the app in your device you can easily navigate through the steps of installing the complete device. But apart from this if you are looking for more sophisticated corporate systems, there will be a full pc interface for configuration and reporting.

Get started with all the more intelligent Security Device – Captare
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