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Intelligent Video Analytics for Smart Cities

Video analytics – we all can agree to the statement that “from the last few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has demonstrated the greatest value for the security industry. In fact, the video security systems and AI have dovetailed together so well together that it is almost impossible to tell get any significant value from security video without AI. 

AI has become the transformational force within the security industry allowing it to operate in a much more efficient and effective way.

In simple terms, the advancement in video analytics technology is so much that it can detect within a video feed the actions or incidents that need to be reviewed just like how humans do but simply much faster and sometimes even better!

Also, we need to make a note that computers have got much smarter when it comes to things like face recognition or people tracking where accuracy is a priority.  The improvements in Video Analytics have definitely turned out to be the game changers, ranging from applications such as face recognition, object detection, people tracking, smart parking, and much more. 

Understanding how these technologies work and how they can be beneficial for businesses.

Intelligent video analytics can automatically detect temporal events in videos. The software will refine your video content, narrowing hours of footage down to specific events with the click of a button. You can directly pull up the information you need based on the system’s search parameters.

Let’s have a look at the specific technologies:

Facial Recognition

This facial recognition technology can be used in crowded locations such as Airports, metro stations, construction sites, and retail locations to provide real-time information.

Let us take the example of a retail store and understand this technology. Retailers can use intelligent video analytics to understand the behaviour of their customers. 

Determining people’s key characteristics such as their gender is possible with the state-of-the-art algorithm. Also, keeping track of customers’ movements in the store, helping retailers identify how long a customer looks at a certain product. 

Having this information will help you better determine the placement of products working towards better customer experience and definitely sales. 

Having this data like the customer characteristics, the number of customers, their behaviour in the store, duration of visit, etc, can help retailers get the complete sense of who their potential customers are and what is their preferred time. 

Not only this, but security is also another thing to look for. This technology will transform how we deal with terrorism and other crime. Face recognition algorithms can spot in real-time things which naked eyes will certainly miss. 

Object detection

The object detection technique relates to computer vision and image processing that detects and defines objects such as human faces, animals, or any object in any image, video, or live video stream. The software can classify several objects within a digital image at once. This technology consists of static and moving object detection, video tracking to understand the events that occur in the scene. 

Object detection has a wide range of applications ranging from personal security to productivity in the workplace. Facial detection is one form of it, used for security purpose, another form could be counting the number of people and much more. Here are some industry processes widely influenced by object detection technology: sorting, inventory management, machining, quality management, packaging, etc.

Let us take the example of a surveillance system and understand this technology. A surveillance system can be trained to recognize people in real-time. The technology will keep a count of the number of people and also analyse crowd flow to detect movement in unwanted or prohibited directions. 

Object detection algorithm also uses historical data to determine the normal count of people accordingly and trigger alerts in case of unusual traffic. The intelligent video analytics systems can be trained to detect specific events, with a high degree of refinement. 

People Tracking

Video analytics is the perfect way to keep a track of any situation before or during any suspicious activity (e.g. tracking time of entry and analysing for suspicious behaviour in a metro station).

Let us take the example of health-care monitors and understand this technology. In the health-care industry, video surveillance solutions ensure the safety of their patients, staff, and visitors, at levels that are often regulated by strict legislation.

An intelligent video analytics solution can also detect when a patient has not been checked on according to the requirement and alert the staff. The setup can be such that it can help in monitoring if a person has taken the prescribed medication at the right time or not. Also, the system can be trained to detect emotions from body language and micro-expressions, offering clinicians objective information.

Some key Capabilities of Intelligent Video Analytics

  • Monitoring
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Recording
  • Analytics
  • Security control

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