An on Demand, Real-Time, Flexible MaaS Solution for Public Transport

This Mobility-as-a-service application offers customer-centric platform for public transport which allows individuals to plan & use multimodal transport seamlessly. AcuitiMobi provides on-demand, real-time capability for individuals to buy tickets, subscriptions and passes. Basically, a different combination of transport.

  • AcuitiMobi Solution Type – ERP and Finance / Accountant receivable, Billing and Revenue Management 
  • Works with – SAP HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud, CRM
Key benefits

AcuitiMobi - Customer Benefits and Features

Providing an Innovative way to use Public Transportation

AcuitiMobi offers a platform which is both real-time and on-demand. The simple navigation in the app can guide users to choose the required transport method conveniently and enjoy the effortless travelling experience.

Offering Smarter and Efficient System to use City Transport

This application offers its customers with everything that is essential for an effortless traveling experience. Right from the user’s travel plan to easy payment options, all this is included in AcuitiMobi app.

Enabling a new way of Mobility with Features like pay as you go

This advanced app is dedicatedly designed for the customers who frequently use public transport as the mode of transportation. This can completely change the way people consume mobility by integrating all forms of transport, like taxi, trains, bike, etc. with the unique feature "pay-as-you-go".

Effortless and Smart route planning

Personalized User Experience

Easy Payment

QR code

Effortless and Smart Route Planning

This unique MaaS application offers real-time route planning for the users by helping them in planning their journeys that might require using multiple transport methods based on the route they choose. With the help of smart suggestions drawn from their preferences, this becomes very easy.


Personalized User Experience

By providing completely personalized experience, this app helps in creating unique bond between the users and the transport service provider. Easy access to all the details about the user’s past and upcoming journeys available from the my-pass section.


Easy Payment Options

There are various methods through which AcuitiMobi users can pay for transportation which includes phones, smartwatches, and bank cards, flexibly before or after their journey, or also on a subscription basis. You can also choose between – Pay in advance or Pay-as-you Go at end of the day.


QR code Integration

Help the users to consume the journeys on the way with the help of tap-in, tap-out options available in the app. Let your customer start and stop your journey with the unique feature of QR code scanning available for easy journey consumption



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pricing Packages

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8 .00
Per Month
  • Feasible pricing model for Effortless and Smart route planning
  • Simplified Payment Options
  • Set-up Fee TBC based on integration points and bespoke solutioning
  • Minimum 1000 Users
  • 36 Month min. contract duration


1 .00
Per Month
  • Feasible pricing model for Effortless and Smart route planning
  • Simplified Payment Option
  • Set-up Fee TBC based on integration points and bespoke solutioning
  • Minimum 100000 Users
  • 36 Month min. contract duration


0. 75
Per Month
  • Feasible pricing model for Effortless and Smart route planning
  • Simplified Payment Options
  • Set-up Fee TBC based on integration points and bespoke solutioning
  • Minimum 500000 Users
  • 36 Month min. contract duration

Technical Information

General technical information about AcuitiMobi

Solution Types
  • Extensions and Add-ons
Works with
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • HANA
  • CRM

AcuitiMobi Deployment

Deployed at scale on device
This product is designed to be downloaded and deployed at scale on devices (e.g. mobile applications, intelligent agents, etc.)
Integrates with SAP Cloud solutions
This product integrates with SAP cloud solutions using standard SAP-approved interfaces and APIs.
Deployed on server
This product is an on-premise/hosted solution designed to be downloaded and deployed on a server.
User Assistance provided
Assistance is provided to enable all target users to install configure, and use the solution.


Multi-tenant solution with full isolation and encryption
This product utilizes a multi-tenant architecture with complete isolation and encryption of customer account data, policy and configuration settings.
High availability and disaster recovery
This product has been designed to ensure minimal service interruption and quick restoration of service in the event of a disruption.
Auditable logging and tracing
This product offers auditable logging and tracing capabilities to aid in debugging and troubleshooting.
Meets recommended data lifecycle management standards
This product meets SAP Store-recommended standards for data lifecycle management and data destruction.


Encrypted communication channels
This product employs encryption to secure all communication channels.
Secure software development lifecycle (SDLC)
This product was developed following secure software development lifecycle principles.
Secured with configurable authentication policies
This product has been designed for enhanced security by offering configurable authentication policies.


ISO 27001 (Information Security Management)
This product meets the standards for information security management specified by ISO 27001.
ISO 27034 (Application Security)
This product meets the standards for application security specified by ISO 27034.
EU data privacy
This product complies with European Union requirements for data privacy.
ISO 12207 (Software Lifecycle)
This product meets the standards for software lifecycle processes specified by ISO 12207.
Open source attribution
This product complies with the fulfillment of notice and attribution requirements for open source products.
SOC 1 and SOC 2 A18:C26
This provider complies with relevant AICPA standards for internal controls over financial reporting and for information system security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality or privacy.


Localized for business best practices
This product has been localized to incorporate local business best practices (e.g. support for local currencies).
Translated user interfaces and documentation
User interfaces and documentation for this product have been translated into multiple languages. Please consult product documentation or contact the publisher for more details.
Internationalized for global customers
This product has been internationalized to meet the needs of global customers (e.g. the use of Unicode).



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